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Outdoor toys

We are spending bunches of time outside playing now with the warm (hot to me) weather. Right now Wyatt has a swing and a sand/water table as well as a few little ride on type toys that he scoots around on. Anyone have any other recs of outside toys their LOs love right now??? We're adding a swing set for his 2nd birthday so next January (it'll take us that long to get that area ready for it where we're putting it). But didn't know if anyone had something different that they love that might be fun for him to play with outside. TIA!

Re: Outdoor toys

  • Mine loves slides and his cozy coupe.

    We also got him a few GIANT bouncy balls, and he has a field day with those. He rolls them down the slide, kicks them, throws them...it's funny to watch since he's smaller than some of the balls.

  • bubbles, sidewalk chalk (mostly likes watching Mommy draw, but will scribble on her own, too)
    <img src="http://i54.tinypic.com/200r9ft.jpg" width="285" height="200">

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