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Bugaboo Bee - stroller

I am considering buying the Bugaboo Bee because I want a stroller that faces both forward and backward and because all of the other strollers (ie: Bugaboo Cameleon and Uppa Baby) are too big.  I do a lot of walking so convenience and maneuverability, especially during the winter, are key.

Do anyone have any experience with the Bugaboo Bee?


Re: Bugaboo Bee - stroller

  • The Bee was designed for the exact reasons that you named. It can be used with a newborn, but you must buy the Cocoon. It can face forward and backward, adapts to a car seat, grows with your child by getting taller and deeper as needed, it moves really well and folds quick and easy. The only two negatives that I can think of which really aren't true negatives are that it doesn't have bumper bar capability, so it won't have snack tray capability either and the sides are open.
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