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Profile book/video

I'm so excited to be at this point in the process!  We got the call this morning that our homestudy has been approved.  I'm finalizing the BM letter as we speak and plan to work on our Profile Book this evening.

 Any suggestions or tips for making both a book and a video?  I have saved a bunch (way too many actually) pics on a flash drive.  Now, I have to start narrowing.   Did you have a lot of you and DH with kids (nieces, nephews, etc.)?  I have a ton...and don't want to come across like we are trying to hard.

 Just looking for some do's and don'ts.  :)

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DX w/ Protein S Deficiency and unexplained thin lining
Multiple D&C's, Hysterscopy for removal of Scar Tissue, Endometrial Biopsy, 3 BFN FETs, including a year of cancelled due to lining issues (ranging 4.5 to 6.4),
Procedure of arcuate uterus, Shocking lining development...9.2.
Moved on to adoption 3/2011
Homestudy approved! 6/27/2011
Forever matched! 7/17/2012
Precious baby boy born 7/30/2012
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Re: Profile book/video

  • Congrats!

    Are you working with an agency? Ours went over do's and don't's of profile books and videos. I can send you ours if you want to PM me.

    We didn't have a lot of pictures of us with kids to begin with, so it's hard for me to answer your question about kids. I'd try and find just a few and build from there. Show things like you guys doing your hobbies, outdoor activities, spending time together just the 2 of you, with family, etc. We liked to do fun/silly pictures, and apparently the goofy picture of DH was what drew DD's BM to us. So you never know.


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