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9 DPO...Maybe TMI

I POAS this morning. Really early, I know. I got some tests at the dollar store and thought, "What the hell, I'll give it a try." It was negative, but I have been having some symptoms. I usually hate displaying these or discussing them because I feel foolish when I get AF a few days later. But....I have been having a lot of cervical mucus the past couple days. I usually don't get it at all after I ovulate. My boobs are also fuller. I really hope the HSG did something and this is our lucky month!!!! I'll be in the boonies for the next 5 days, but will be bringing some tests with me. Cervical mucus good, right?

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Re: 9 DPO...Maybe TMI

  • I think these are very good signs. I hope you have BFP in a few days!
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    Sounds good to me!  Of course, I'm experiencing the same things, so I HOPE it's good!  =-)
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  • Sounds good to me!  I hope this is the lucky cycle for you!!
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