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Introducing Milk Before 1st Birthday?

Did anyone give milk a few days before her baby turned one? The reason I ask is my DS gets two formula bottles a day and nurses twice a day, he turns one on July 10th (cannot believe it!!) and I will run out of the can of formula we are using now around July 4th. I hate to buy another can for only a few days. He is not a picky eater AT ALL so I am not thinking he will have any issues with the transition. But I did not know if there was any issue with introducing it early?

Thanks so much!

Re: Introducing Milk Before 1st Birthday?

  • We introduced milk sometime during DD's 11th month and had no issues. Good luck!
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  • We introduced milk around 10 or 11 mos, but didn't stop formula entirely until about 15 mos (the nighttime bottle was the last to go). If I was in your situation, I'd use up the formula, then replace the 2 formula bottles with milk sippies (maybe do this gradually, mixing milk & formula over the course of a couple of weeks--that's what we did), and keep the nursing sessions for however long you intended to.

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  • I think you'll be fine, its just a few days, its not like something magically happens when they turn one that milk is all the sudden okay, ya know? I'd day go for it. We started transitioning at 11 1/2 months and by 13 months we were solely on whole milk.
  • For both girls I started introducing cow's milk at about 11.5 mo.
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  • Thanks ladies! I think I may start introducing milk now and mixing it with the formula, that way it will definitely last until his first birthday. Thanks again!
  • We did because DD had issues with milk based formula but the pedi said she would probably outgrow it by her 1st birthday.  I wanted to try it before her 12 month appt so I could get feedback on how to proceed if it didn't work well (which it didnt).
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  • Yep - we started transitioning around 11.5 months - 1 bottle of 1/2 milk, 1/2 formula, then gradually increased the amount and frequency after about 3 days.

  • We started introducing cow's milk at 11 months, per our pedi's recommendation.  Like the pp said, it's not like something magical happens on the day of their 1st birthday that makes it ok.

    I didn't mix formula and cow's milk, but he got both during the day for that month (started out with more formula, less milk, and transitioned to less formula, more milk) and we completely switched to cow's milk at 1 year.  But a week is neither here nor there, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Just use what you have to transition and be done with it.


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