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"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

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Re: The Sexy Poll

  • JMayJMay member

    UberUnSexy: Men in full cycling gear and shaved legs... shudder. (No offense if any of your DHs are cyclists!)

    Not Sexy: Men in full cycling gear.

    Kinda Sexy: DH in a suit, on a business call. Yep, I'm addicted to power, except when he tries to use it on me... LOL

    Uber Sexy: My DH after a shower, with a white towel around his hips... Drool.

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    "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

    Miracle DD born 12.2005
    TTC #2 since Dec 2008 w/ PCOS
    ***P/SAIF Always Welcome***

    Keep it Natural, Baby!
  • UberUnSexy: Guys who grunt at the gym

    Not Sexy: Guys who brag too much

    Kinda Sexy: Men who take charge

    Uber Sexy: DH doing yard work:)

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  • UberUnSexy: an overconfident man that has nothing to back it

    Not Sexy: a broke man (gosh I sound so superficial)Angel

    Kinda Sexy:  A man that smells good.

    Uber Sexy: A man that smells good, looks good and has brains to match!


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  • UberUnSexy:  A smelly man

    Not Sexy:   have to agree with JMay on this cyclists

    Kinda Sexy:  Men that are clean cut and smell good

    Uber Sexy:  My DH all dressed up!!

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  • Uberunsexy- the shriveled old men at the nudie beach when I was in st. Marteen, unsexy - guy boobies, sexy - when DH cleans kitchen and puts kids to bed, ubersexy - DH being protective of me (he always waits up for me to get home from work and when he hears me open the garage he opens the door for me.
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  • Oooo! I want to play!

    UberUnSexy: Man boobs. Mine are big enough for the both of us. 

    Not Sexy: Men who highlight their hair. Sorry.

    Kinda Sexy: Preppy men- the preppier the better

    Uber Sexy: Preppy men wearing croakies and tan flip flops who majored in History, Finance, or Political Science (weird and superficial, I know) Mmm...YUM!

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  • UberUnSexy: Speakng with horrible grammatical errors, the drunk guy, I have to also agree with man boobs, men who try to prove they are worth something by name dropping or other methods (Wow, I have a lot of things in this section!)

    Not Sexy: A man crying at a movie when I don't (Sensitive to a point is okay, but there is definitely a line!)

    Kinda Sexy: A guy working out (without grunting)

    Uber Sexy: DH cleaning the house!

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