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Second Level II Ultrasound tomorrow

At our initial ultrasound, the tech noticed that the baby's kidneys were slightly enlarged. OB said that it could be nothing, it could be something that they need to treat with antibiotics when baby is born, or it could be a soft marker for Down's. 

I did a quad screening and the results came back, without knowing about the kidneys, I had a 1:50,0000 chance that the baby would have Down's. The kidneys raise it slightly, but not by much because it isn't a hard indicator of Down's. Further genetic counseling led us to decide against having an amnio. 

We met with the perionatologist  who looked at the kidneys again. It was less than a week later and the kidneys were an extra mm larger -- it could have been that the ultrasound tech mismeasured....

So tomorrow, we go back again for another ultrasound to check up on the kidneys and I hope it's fixed itself. If not, we get another ultrasound at 32 weeks.

 I am trying to stay positive because this is not the worst thing that could happen. Plus, otherwise I would have only receive one ultrasound my entire pregnancy. I guess it could be a blessing in disguise. 

I am so excited to see the baby tomorrow but so nervous at the same time! I was underweight before the baby was conceived and Ive only gained 10 lbs despite my increased diet. I hope the baby is measuring ok... tomorrow needs to come sooner. 

Thanks for listening.  

Re: Second Level II Ultrasound tomorrow

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    Good luck!! Keep us posted! I hope everything is just fine and yay that you'll peek at your LO tomorrow!
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    I hate the waiting game!  My follow up u/s is 2 weeks from Wed and I'm already getting nervous!   You're weight gain sounds like mine with DD, I was underweight too and didn't start gaing alot of weight until the 3rd tri, then the last 8 weeks or so I gained a lot.  They claimed she measured small, but I learned the hard way to not trust their measurements....2 days before she was born they told me she'd be lucky to weigh 4 pounds, well.....I gave birth to a perfectly healthy 6lb 10oz baby.   I'll be thinking of you, let us know how it goes!
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    Good luck! I'll definitely be thinking of you and praying that it's nothing major.
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    I have the same exact thing with my boy. I've been getting level 2 ultrasounds ever 4 weeks since they detected it. They initially called it hydronephrosis but then downgraded it to a different term. All the same, his kidneys have continued to accumulate fluid in the last several visits. While they did mention it is occasionally associated with Downs, they told me it is likely they would see other indications of downs if that was the cause of this.

    I've consulted with several docs over this and they all have told me

    1. It's extremely common and something they weren't even aware of until recent improvements in ultrasound technology.

    2. It is extremely treatable if it doesn't remedy itself in utero.

    It is really scary when anything is not "normal" with your baby. I am still a bit nervous, but my research and my doctors have assured me that they're monitoring everything and he should be fine.

    Best of luck to you too!

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    Our Perinatologist also found enlarged kidneys in our little guy at our a/s, which we had back at around 18 weeks.

    We went back again a month later at around 22 weeks and both kidneys had already started to decrease in size.

    One kidney was still slightly above the "normal" threshold at the time. But we go back for another follow-up at 34 weeks, to be sure everything is in fact back to normal. The doctor told us that the final u/s around 33 weeks is the best final determinant for enlarged kidneys, as the baby is mostly grown and proportionate to the actual kidney size at that point. He also said that this it's a very very soft marker for DS (usually indicated by another harder marker first) and is actually quite common, especially in little boys. And of course completely treatable if it doesn't happen to correct itself in utero.

    Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone ((((hugs)))) myself and another bumpie who's pg with a little guy over on the PgAL board, are both going through the same thing.

    I hope that you get some great news tomorrow!

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    Continue to look at it as a blessing and don't worry too much until given a real reason to worry. I know it is easier said than done. I've been getting Level 3 u/s with my perinatologist every 4 weeks since I was 9 weeks since I tested positive for having acquired Toxoplasmosis in my first trimester. Every time I go I feel the nerves you are feeling but luckily every time, nothing of concern has been found. Also, don't worry about your weight unless your doctor is worried. I was underweight too and have only gained about 10 lbs but my baby is measuring in the 87th percentile. I've read that as long as you are eating right the baby gets what it needs to grow. Good luck and keep us updated. Enjoy the extra peeks at your LO. 
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    Good luck at your ultrasound, you're in my thoughts.
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