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My belly shrunk!

I have always felt changes of belly size throughout my pregnancy - sometimes bigger than others. BUt the past few days I have felt like it's been significantly smaller and stayed that way! Maybe I'm just getting used to how it looks?

Also it looks like it's lower than it used to be! Second timers - is it too early to notice a drop in my belly? Am I crazy or imagining things?

Anyone else feel like they are smaller not bigger?

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Re: My belly shrunk!

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    Some days I feel much smaller and I've chalked it up to Little Man's positioning, what I'm wearing, and what I've eaten that day.
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    I don't feel like I am growing at all anymore, but DH assures me I am.  I think it's because I am used to seeing my belly every day, and like the previous statement, depending on the position of LO that day, and what you eat/ate.
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    I'm a second timer and I don't know about dropping earlier, but I've carried this one much lower than DD the entire time (both girls).   I don't feel that I'm getting any smaller, but I do feel like I'm not getting any bigger, even though I'm still gaining weight.  I chalked this up to getting used to the belly!

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    elyndselynds member

    That happened to me - I felt like it got smaller for a week, but then it got even bigger than before!

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