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Play Room???

I am sure the first 12 months, a play room is not necessary or is one?

We have so much stuff - her jumper, some larger tummy time toys, etc. that people have given to us.  

Do you have a play room?   We sold our dining room table so our dining room or the 2nd living area would be a good place for her play room. 



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Re: Play Room???

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    Our house is on the smaller side, so we don't have an entire room to use as a playroom. We've cleared a corner of our living room and will be using that. With a crib, playmat, swing, jumperoo and bouncer, the area is totally filled.

    If you have the space, I think a play oom would be wonderful.

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    We have an area of our basement that we're planning to turn into a playroom when he's a little older. His room isn't very large, so as he gets more toys there is no way they will all fit in there.
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    We plan on keeping extra stuff to a minimum, since we have a fairly small house.  But we do plan on having a combination guest room/office/craft room/play room for when she's a little bigger.  Since the room will have so many other things in it, it probably won't be an unsupervised playroom, but it will give her more room to spread out with some of her toys, and I plan on keeping art supplies in there (colors, fingerpaints, etc.) so she can have her own little crafty area next to Mommy's.
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    1 bedroom apartment here. This kid is lucky if I clear out a drawer for him to sleep in ;)
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    We have a very small house for the moment - under 900 sq ft. DD's room is also the "storage" room, so no toys in there, which means they are all in the living room. Thanks to DD being the only grandchild on both sides, and therefore spoiled rotten, it looks like Toys'R'Us blew up in here on any given day.

    We are a few weeks from closing on our new house which has a finished basement, which will become the family room/playroom. I am probably more excited for that than I am about the bigger kitchen :P

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