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Hi Ladies - happy Monday!

How's it going? Anything fun happen this weekend?


Re: Hi Ladies - happy Monday!

  • My weekend pales in comparison to the excitement in your area this weekend!
  • Weekend was filled with BUSY work.

    Getting Nursery ready - building the toy box, setting up monitor, decorating and I also tried to tackle organizing the garage.  

    We went car shopping and  well I want them all and Melanie just  cant get over how shitty the financing is.  Its horrendous! I think we should get rid of both our cars 93 buick GRANDPA MOBILE and My 98 Piece of Jeep  and just get one car. We work from home so why not? At least for like 6 months - we can save on the insurance and such .. I dunno.

     Back to the salt minds- but have so much to do BABIES ARE COMING in 17Days!

    Awww freak out song comes to mind!

    - J

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  • Good Afternoon!

     Well, for us today, we had a sono-scan!!  Couple of hours ago, and all looks good, HB was 130, in the right place and EDD is not 2/15/12, A Loving Valentine's Baby!!  The wife was emotional as we heart the heart beat. We also got confirmation that it was not twins. We go back 1st week in Aug for the full work up.  We are excited and are breathing a little more easily.

    My wife is still having "empathy" pains however, she has like M/S.  She is of course tired like me, and she is eating like crazy, I on the other hand have no appetite.  Opposite the 1st.  I didn't have M/S with the 1st either.  So far so good...

    [URL="http://www.pregnancy-graphics.com/"][IMG]http://www.pregnancy-graphics.com/countdown/images/index-Month-2-Year-2012-Day-15-ImageID-3-String-Dylan/Dylynn Arrives.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
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