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So how does a nanny share work exactly?

My neighbor approached me yesterday asking if I'd be interested in a nanny share. How does that work? Does the nanny watch both babies at once? Does she split her time between the two families?

I currently only have a part-time nanny, so it could be an option,  post-August. TIA! 


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Re: So how does a nanny share work exactly?

  • the arrangements are really up to you and your needs (and those of the other family/famlies).

    when we considered a nanny-share, we were to be tagging along. the other family already had a nanny and needed another family to share the cost. the other family would take care of all HR related issues, including payment and taxes. we would bring our child to their home each day.

    other options include the nanny watching both families' children each day, but in alternating homes, or splitting the week entirely (e.g., family A has nanny on MWF, family B has nanny on T/Th). it really depends on what the needs are.

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  • Like Lindsey said, it entirely depends on the situation you set up with the other family.  For us, it's full time for both babies.  The nanny comes to our house and watches both babies and we split her hourly rate.  We have a few more hours/week so we've worked that out, but it really is up to the families and the nanny. 

    Our nanny share has been really fabulous.  We have the benefit of a nanny without bearing all of the cost.  Our nanny makes $18/hour - we just couldn't swing it if we were paying all of that.  I highly recommend having a contract between the families and between the nanny.  It protects everyone involved.  I have samples if you get that far and our interested.  Send me a PM and I can send them to you. 


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