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getting out chocolate stain

DD dribbled some chocolate ice cream on her brand new outfit when we went out for lunch - I just washed it, the stains came out of the pink shorts but not the white shirt! I was really hoping she'd wear it a few times for "nice" occasions. I did the regular wash with cold water and regular Dreft detergent w/out pretreating.

any tips on how to get it out? and WTH did it come out of the shorts and not the shirt?!


Re: getting out chocolate stain

  • It probably came out of the skirt because there was some color on it.  Not to mention normal Murphey's Law  :)

     My tip:  Put some dawn detergent on it (yes the dishwashing stuff)  and let it sit.  Wash again.  You didn't dry the shirt, did you?  That has a tendency to "set" the stain and make it harder to remove.  Dawn seems to work miracles though.  It's really good on dirt and grease.  I've pretreated (and post-treated with a rewash) many times with good results.  I also use it in the pressure washer when we do the patio and deck, seriously nothing cleans better.  

    Good Luck


  • I did dry it, I just moved everything from washer to dryer w/out looking at anything, I'll try dishwashing detergent, thanks!


  • I've also had great luck soaking white items in oxiclean.  Most stains did come out. 

  • I soak stuff in oxyclean over night and it seems to take out all stains.
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  • You said the shirt is white?  I used the Clorox Bleach Pen on stains like that.
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  • image I_love_cupcakes:
    You said the shirt is white?  I used the Clorox Bleach Pen on stains like that.

    Ditto this - it has saved many a shirt for us

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