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Holy sperm count!!!

We had our second iui today. Everything looked better than the first go round.Yesterday when I had my cd11 ultrasound I had  two mature follies, one over 23mm and the other almost 17mm (last time had a 19mm and a 12mm), my e2 was 351 (last time only 113), my lining was 10mm (last time 7mm) and the sperm count...the sperm count was 47 million, 100% motility (last time 29 million)!!!! Officially in the 2ww now, anyone else with me? 
IUI #1 (50 mg clomid and ovidrel) - BFN
IUI #2 (100 mg clomid and HCG trigger) - BFN
IUI #3 (Gonal-f and HCG trigger) - BFN
IVF #1 - 21 retrieved, 20 mature, 15 fertilized (ICSI), 2 d5 blasts transferred, 8 frozen - c/p
FET #2 - BFN? c/p? Either way no baby
FET #3 - No shock...BFN
FET #4 - BFN :-(
Surgery and TTC cancelled - pursuing surrogacy
7/31/12 Surrogate got a +HPT!!!! BabyFruit Ticker

Re: Holy sperm count!!!

  • I wish I was, but those numbers look wonderful! Stick baby - Stick and grow healthy!!

  • that is great! good luck!
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