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crap. just crap.

So this morning, DS woke me up at 4:30, and I temped and it was 97.4. Even for so early, that's a bad sign.  Then at 7:30 when he woke up again, it was 97.9.  DH took him, and I stayed in bed until 8, at which time it was 98.3. So got a little hopeful.  POAS, same color as yesterday, same color as last month this day, so likely just leftover hCG.

TMI alert: Then, a hint of a shadow on my liner after taking DS to school. Ran some errands bc we're leaving town tomorrow, and then there was a hint of spotting.  Since then, there's color when I wipe, but nothing on the liner.  Now, I'm not usually a spotter, or I should say, I spot a few hours before full-on AF, but I don't have pre-AF spotting.  So I expect her any hour now.

I guess if she doesn't come full-on between now and tomorrow, I'll still bring a test with me and the progesterone samples, but I can't imagine this is anything. I'm a teary ball of mess, it feels like AF is coming, just not quite in all her ugliness.

We're gonna take this month off and then do one last IUI next month. There are just too many complicated things going on this month, with leaving tomorrow for 10 days (would have to get an u/s today, femara ordered and picked up today bc would have to start while in the middle of nowhere, would have to get menopur ordered and sent to my sister's house and bring needles with me and dispose of sharps there, then have an u/s the day after we get back and IUI the next morning. And couldn't get in for acupuncture until the u/s day.  So I think we're just gonna go with taking a month off.  I will most likely use my CBEFM and temp just to confirm O, but I swear to you ladies, right now, I am not temping past the confirmed O.  I promise.



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Re: crap. just crap.

  • I'm sorry! Sad  I am out this month too.  I will also be doing a break cycle now.  We seem to be on the same road here.  I hope the break cycle turns out to be lucky for you!
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  • so sorry to hear...wasn't going to check the boards tonight but wanted to see if you had good news...sorry to hear you did not.  But definitely no temping next month...I learned my lesson last month and this month it is so freeing!  Although haven't had my O this month yet so will have to remind myself not to temp (then it becomes two disappointments - one realizing AF is coming and then when AF comes)...
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  • Temping has always stressed me out too.  Hopefully a break will bring a bfp.  
  • JMayJMay member
    I'm sorry Sweetie!  FWIW, if she hasn't shown yet, I'd throw that 4:30am temp right out the window.  For me, those super early temps are always way off.  Either way, stay strong, I know you can do this!  Have fun on your vaca to the "middle of nowhere" (I have to admit I'm dying of curiosity...) and we cant wait to hear from you.  Will you be able to post while you are away?  Hang in there CG!
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  • I am just so so sorry :(

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  • So sorry, lots of hugs and wishing that AF stays away!
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  • :::HUGS:::
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  • I'm so sorry :(
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