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Hospital photos

Has anyone got pictures of their baby taken at the Ochsner on Jefferson in NOLA? I was wondering how good they look, and how much they cost. Thanks!
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Re: Hospital photos

  • i did, but it was three and a half years ago. i wonder if it's the same company. they just look like normal baby hospital pics. i put them all together here if you want to see.

    (click to see)

    but i assume you won't have a pile of babies like i did. :)


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  • My friend got some for her son, and they were cute...not too cheap, but not too expensive.
  • image pea-kay:

    but i assume you won't have a pile of babies like i did. :)

    This made me giggle.

    Is the company Our365?  That's who did the pictures at Touro and we were pretty happy with them and the package we chose.  Not cheap, honestly, but worth it I suppose since it was cheaper than hiring a photographer for a newborn shoot later and it was quick and simple and we even got birth announcements and the digital files as part of the package.  One less thing to worry about.

  • I might get flamed for this....however I have a ton of kids and hospital pics are "meh" at best and I wasn't paying the high price for just one keepsake photo.  Our365 isn't protected, you can just copy the file and then print your own.
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  • Ochsner does use Our365 and the pictures they took of my son were really good.. They actually looked like I went to a professional place to have them done. I would say its not extremely expensive but definitly not cheap. PM me and I can give you a guest number to go on their site to look at my LO pictures.
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