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dr borromeo at pennsylvania hospital?

Hey everyone,

   I had heard so many good things about Dr Kolecki at PennCare for women.. and tried to make an appt with her - and she isnt taking new patients!  I made an appt with Dr Borromeo? Does anyone have any thoughts about her good/bad.. I appreciate your comments!  Thanks!

Re: dr borromeo at pennsylvania hospital?

  • i LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Borromeo. She's very straight forward and listens to what you say. I could not have been happier. I saw Renbaum for my first appointment, and I was so much happier with Borromeo. And her nurses are awesome too  :D 
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  • I really like Dr. Borromeo. She delivered my son last year!
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  • I guess I'm the only one that had a bad experience.  My doctor left the practice, so I saw her once and did not care for her.  She told me I didn't "look like" I had gestational diabetes, so not to worry about my scheduled 3 hour glucose test.  I also asked her if whole wheat pasta was better to eat with GD, and she rolled her eyes and told me if I like cardboard then yes.  Really?!  She also had no clue about vegetarian prenatal vitamins with DHA, which my previous doctor had prescribed.  BTW, I did test positive for GD, probably due to family history, something you can't tell by looking at person.  So, to answer your question, no I did not like her.
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  • I ended up switching to the midwife practice on the 9th floor because they were more aligned with my wishes for natural childbirth.  However, at the midwife practice you see a different person at each visit, so you have to be open to the idea that you may not know the person who delivers your baby.
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