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Middle name for Cecilia

We have decided to name this LO Cecilia.  Our last name has 3 syllables and starts with a K.  We can't come up with a middle name that we love for Cecilia.  I had thought of using part of my great grandmother's maiden name for a middle name.  Her maiden name was Lorenzi, and I thought I could use Loren.  I would have to explain to people where it came from.  Also, in my head I pronounce it in Italian (like the last name).  It doesn't flow very well, so I would love suggestions.  DD#1 is Victoria. TIA!
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Re: Middle name for Cecilia

  • LOVE Cecilia!!  It will be the name of any future daughter we may have :).

    I think Cecilia Loren sounds nice--like Sophia Loren.

    Cecilia MNs I've considered:  Rose, Grace, Michelle, Nicole, June, Jane.

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  • Marie is the first name that comes to mind.

     Elizabeth, Jane, Alexis, Ann, Francis...

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  • Cecilia Loren sounds very pretty!

    I also like Cecilia Grace :)


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  • Elise





  • Thank you for you suggestions.  We've thought about Grace, Elizabeth and Nicole.  I am glad that Loren sounds nice to other people.  My grandmother always talked about her mother and how much she missed her.  She passed away when my grandmother and her sisters were very young.  Their father sent them to live with his sister.  My grandmother had one picture of her mother- her wedding picture.  She gave it to me shortly before she died (one week before my wedding).  I would love to honor her mother by using part of her maiden name as a middle name.  Great-grandmother's first name was Maria and DH's family is Jewish, so that probably wouldn't go over well. 
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  • imagemagsugar13:






    Elise is very pretty.  Thank you.

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  • Cecilia is nice! If your last name is also 3 syllables, then I would probably pick a 1 syllable middle name. That's what we did. I just think it flows better.
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  • I think Cecilia Loren sounds nice, and Cecilia and Victoria as a sibset is lovely.  Our top choice used to be Cecilia June, until I realized my H couldn't pronounce it very well.
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