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2brides - random ?

did you get the boys anything at graduation? From FB pics, it looks like a lot of my friends are getting their kids flowers or balloons. I'm a horrible mom and didnt even consider anythign until this morning. 

Re: 2brides - random ?

  • No, we didn't. I think one parent brought flowers and a balloon (out of 20 families.) After the reception, they went back to their classroom for the remainder of the day and we went to work. I was planning on doing a fun dinner at the Japanese Steakhouse, but we had already made plans for them to go to Parents Night Out (which they love) and L was staying at a hotel to write so we never went.

    You aren't a horrible mom. ;)

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  • that makes me feel better :)  though i have a feeling my ratio might be a little higher...the other parents are a bunch of overachieving soccer moms :P

    my dad was shocked i didnt have resevations for the family following the graduation. umm, what??

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