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Weekend Plans?

What are you doing this weekend?
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • Tomorrow a few local girls are coming for a mom and tot play date. That of course means tonight will be spent cleaning and prepping.  The rest of the weekend will be determined by the weather.

  • Tonight is Sprout's preschool graduation! Its also RB's last day in the toddler room (with teachers that we absolutely adore).  Why are my kids growing up so fast??

    Tomorrow morning I'm trying out a new mommy and me stroller fitness class at the mall. Should be interesting.  Lets hope the girls decide they like their stroller that day or my entire "work out" will be bouncing Daisy on my hip and chasing RB. Then i'm hoping to get the girls down for an early nap so we can head over to a friend's baby shower (as time goes on, these are getting significantly less painful).  Sprout and DW are going to a bday party and will hopefully join us at the shower in the afternoon.

    Sunday we have a bridal shower to attend.  I hope to get the kids in bed early b/c Sprout and RB start summer camp on Monday!

    ps - can you believe 4th of July is next weekend?? where did June go?!

  • Today is my first day of summer vacation so we are all chilling in our pjs.  We need to run some errands this afternoon.

    One of them is to check and see what is wrong with our camera.  It is a digital rebel slr and something is wrong with the auto focus.  It keeps focusing on stuff in the background even when the subject usually Ella is totally centered.  We have lost tons of great shots because E is blurry.  I am secretly hoping that they tell us that we need a new camera.  It is about 10 years old and the first digital slr so while it was awesome when I got it, it is totally time for an upgrade.

    Tonight S has a retirement party for one of her former teachers so E and I will be solo.

    Sat we have my nieces dance recital which should be interesting with E.  I don't think I will see most of the recital.  We also have a movie night at a friends house (they put a screen in their backyard and use an lcd projector) we missed the last 2 years because of the little lady.  I hope the weather is good.

    Sunday no plans I hope the sun comes out is has been crappy for days.  We need to get outside to play. 

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  • Tonight is pizza night and screening of the original Cars movie.

    Tomorrow morning the kids have swimming lessons and then we are hosting a playdate with Rainbow Families at a nearby playground. If the weather cooperates, we'll take the kids swimming after their nap. L has promised the kids that they could "camp out" (ie. sleep in their sleeping bags somewhere other than their bedroom.) I think we'll make smores on the grill. :)

    Sunday we are seeing the first showing of Cars 2 and then to lunch. We need to go to the grocery store. Maybe we'll swim again if the weather is nice. If the kids haven't napped, they will be going to bed early! :)

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  • Today we are having an early lunch with a friend.  I'm going shopping for Mom shorts after lunch.  The girls will probably be in the pool most of the day and if it gets hot enough, I might join them.  A goes to her dads for the weekend tonight.

    Saturday we have a quinceanera to go to.

    Sunday, no plans.

  • We have nothing exciting going on ... BOO.. But have tons of stuff to do.

    Since June has flown by  ( i am with you CT how did this happen ) this means DOs Babies will be here soon.

    Tons of errands and returning of baby items and buying baby things .. and then finishing organizing the nursery and getting shelves for the cabinet my dad installed wrong ( he felt so bad normally he is MR. SUPER HANDY) not sure what happ this time but my closet organizer is backwards and was PIA to put together

    I also need to shock the pool ... i have no patience for this but it needs to be done.

    House is still a mess from  family visiting  -  and I want to organize the garage and we need to buy a new car...

    Ask me monday what I got done... UGGGG its supposed to be 112 this weekend... UGGG

    - J

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  • No plans tonight. I think we will be watching I Am Number Four - Jen's Netflix choice.

    Tomorrow Jen has a hair cut in the morning, and then I'm driving her to the airport (about an hour away), since she wanted a direct flight to Vegas and there weren't any from our closest airport. I'm going to the REI summer clearance sale after I drop her off - probably won't buy anything, but I always like to check their sales for gym/running stuff. No plans in the evening.

    Sunday I'm going to do my long run super-early to avoid the worst of the heat. I'm trying out a new route since I'm bored with running in my neighborhood and on the Mall - it's fine for short weekday runs, but gets boring on longer ones. Hoping to get out the door at 5:00 and parked and running by 5:30. Getting coffee and maybe wandering around a bit afterward. I haven't decided what to do with the rest of the day - I might go to a pick-your-own fruit farm if I can find a good candidate, or go to a few thrift stores.

    Glad that Jen is done traveling for a while after Wednesday.

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  • Kim recently had a week-long training to learn how to work as a Deaf sign language mentor (a deaf person who has ASL for their first language, and who learns how to evaluate others' signing skills and develop a program for improvement in target areas). This afternoon, she's seeing several of her first clients by video chat (technology sure can be awesome!). She's very excited to begin this enterprise!

    This weekend is our city's PrideFest, so we'll be spending plenty of time there. This will be our first Pride together, since we didn't go last year. We are very fortunate that the Kansas Equality Coalition was able to get Lt. Dan Choi to come to several events at Wichita PrideFest, so that will be exciting!

    Tomorrow, I have to work, but only for a few hours.

    Sunday is the Pride rally and closing parade.

    It's supposed to be a typical Kansas summer weekend, so we'll be preparing for 90 degrees, plus.

    On another note, we are still debating on IUI or IVF. My RE will go with whatever we choose, since I have a long history of infertility. If anyone on this board has *personal experience with IVF, I would appreciate any input.

    Have a great weekend!

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  • we've got family visiting us from out of the country, so we'll be busy with that. my wife's aunt and uncle got here last night and are staying with us through Sunday, then they're flying out to NY to visit some other people. last night we just hung out drinking wine and playing cards, and my MIL stayed the night, too (it's her brother visiting).

    MIL left this morning and we all did some running around and got lunch, then my wife went off with them and her sister while I brought the boy home for a (very late) nap. now I'm waiting for them to get back along with her sister and sister's GF, and we'll have dinner and hang out at our place for the evening, and probably more wine.

    tomorrow lots of cousins are coming over for a cookout and to spend time with our visitors since they don't get to the states often (I've only met him once before and had never met his wife), so that should be lots of fun.

    Sunday we'll probably get breakfast with them and then take them to the airport. the rest of the day should just be relaxing, I hope.

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