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RP **RE Update** (Warning: Long & Pity Party for 1)

I had my first appointment with the RE yesterday and it went great.  Based on all of the test results she got from my OB and my history and clomid, (which she hates and she doesn?t prescribe), she feels that IUI with Letrazole/Follistim/Trigger is the way to go. This is her preliminary recommendation before more blood work and an HSG which I will have next cycle.  She does not see any reason for IVF to ever be considered for us at this time.  She said she would do 3 IUI?s and if none of them worked, we would have to re-group and come up with another plan.

I had an ultrasound and I have an 18mm folly, ready to ovulate.  She said all of my follicles look great, and that is good news for the protocol she is leaning toward. My ovaries look great, my uterus looks great, but the hsg will tell us more. My right ovary is tucked back behind my uterus. I asked her if this is a problem and she said it could be, she doesn?t think so at this time, but that the only way to move it would be laprascopically. (I can?t help but have a vision of my OB haphazardly throwing my ute and ovaries back in after my c-section). I had mentioned in my history that ?a little? endometriosis and a couple of cysts were found and removed during my c-section and she said that was good to know while we are looking for a diagnosis.

Dh had his blood drawn, they held off on mine because my OB should have two things they need (Rubella immunity and Cystic Fibrosis) from when I was pregnant. So they will draw my blood when I go for my hsg which I will schedule on cd 1.

She alluded that clomid didn?t work and for the amount of time that we have been trying that she didn?t think timed intercourse was giving us the 20% chance that most couples have of achieving pregnancy each cycle and that IUI would give us that 20%.

The bad news:  

Dh doesn?t want to spend the money on IUI for only a 20% chance. He said if we didn?t have our daughter, he?d be more than happy to risk it. While I understand, I am very upset and feel like there is no hope.  I was hoping he would agree to do just one IUI cycle, but right now he is not keen on the idea. We have a cycle and a half to decide what to do. After the results of the hsg, things could change and I will ask if there is anything else we can try before IUI. I may put off treatment with the RE and try acupuncture for a few months.

I am just not feeling very optimistic about our chances without the IUI. This has consumed me for 2 years and I feel like I am going through a breakup. I know that sounds dramatic, but seriously, I am in mourning of sorts. It is a very odd place for me to be.

Sorry for the book and if you made it this far, I appreciate it! J

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Re: RP **RE Update** (Warning: Long & Pity Party for 1)

  • Glad that you got a plan in place.  Plans are always good things!!  I hope your DH changes his mind.  I can also understand about the $ for the IUI, we have that covered, but our best option is IVF and its not covered and DH won't spend $ for that since we already have our DD.
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  • I am glad that things are looking good for you from your appointment!  I am so sorry that you and your DH are not agreeing on how far you are willing to go.  My DH is also opposed to IUI and IVF, but for religious reasons (he likes to make sure he is following all the rules).  I knew this from the beginning so I told our RE that IUI and IVF were not options for us.  They went with it and did medicated cycles with TI instead of IUI.  Has your DH had an SA done?  If his SA is fine, then I think you would have a good chance with medication and a trigger and TI.  Good luck to you!  I hope that you and DH can come to an agreement. 
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this, and yes, it feels like going through mourning.  The worst part for me, b/c DH and I don't agree on all treatment, is making sure my marriage doesn't suffer.  I get really angry sometimes that he's not willing to do anything and everything to fulfill our (my) dream.  I'll send T&Ps your way that your DH warms to the idea... remind him how much cheaper an IUI is than a lifetime of therapy!!!  Wink
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  • Thank you ladies!

    JMay, I had to laugh! It is so true. He isn't opposed to the IUI, just the cost. While I do understand that, where we disagree is that to me the money is a minor set back to a lifetime of memories and completing our family as we both had imagined it when we were dating and talking about our future, as a family of 4.  Hopefully he will come around.

    As for his SA, it was "normal", but my OB did not tell us the exact results and she didn't fax it to the RE because of HIPPA, so he has to request it from the lab and then the RE can tell us specifically what the results are.  I, too, think we could have success with TI, but I guess from the doctor's perspective, 2 years of trying, our ages, 3 rounds of clomid failure that we need to get more aggressive.

    My plan this weekend is to show him what an average medicated/TI cycle is going to cost compared to IUI. (Which the RE thinks the IUI will give us the full 20% chance).

    Thanks again ladies. I knew money would be an issue with him, but we weren't sure what insurance would cover....the blurb on our plan is very misleading.

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