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Recommended Pregnancy Pillows?

I CANNOT stay asleep/comfortable at night! Regular pillows have been too much of a pain to set up and change around during the night.... 

Does anyone have any recommendation for certian pregnancy pillows they are using or have used?  I need to get one.

Re: Recommended Pregnancy Pillows?

  • Snoogle.  It is awesome!
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    Snoogle.  It is awesome!


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    Snoogle.  It is awesome!



    Thanks ladies! :)

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    image samm1983:
    Snoogle.  It is awesome!


    Yes, I love my Snoogle!

  • I'll be the odd woman out and recommend a different pillow.  I LOVE my Leachco Back and Belly Pillow.


    It's made by the same people who make the snoogle, BUT it covers both your front and your back.  (Which means you don't have to reposition if you turn in your sleep). And it helps support your back for back pain.

    The middle section has a built in wedge for under your belly support when you start getting big.

    AND it's perfect for sitting, not just sleeping.  The picture above shows it being used for breast feeding instead of buying a separate pillow.  I use it now in the same way to hold the laptop off my lap and provide back and side support while sitting.

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  • I just pulled out my Snoogle last night and used it and have restarted my love affair with that pillow!!!!!!!!!!!! The BEST pregnancy pillow BY FAR!!! I am looking at the other pillow that was posted above and it is somewhat like a snoogle but I think I would overheat with that one. I love that the snoogle you can have one side wrapped around you and the other half of your is not wrapped in the pillow so you can get some air. I finally got a whole night of sleep last night all thanks to my bestfriend, the snoogle! haha I also found mine 2 years ago for $39 at Burlington CoatFactory :-)  Great deal!!!!
  • Boppy total body maternity pillow. I got it on sale at burlington coat factory for $40. Best investment ever. I am in love and sleep soooooo soundly now.



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    Snoogle.  It is awesome!

    I just used mine for the first time last night. It takes some getting used to, but I slept great. 

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  • My back really started hurting at the start of this week from not being well aligned while I was sleeping.  I just went and got a regular body pillow from Target and I feel 100% better now when I wake up and throughout the day.  The pillow was $10 and the cover was $10.  No need to purchase a really expensive pregnancy body pillow.
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  • Ditto all the PPs about the Snoogle Body Pillow! It has made a huge difference in my ability to fall and stay asleep comfortably!
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  • I also have the $10 Target Body pillow that i got when PG with DD 5 years ago and using it this time around too. It is fantastic. I am comfortable and am able to get a decent nights sleep.
  • I am IN LOVE with my Snoogle! It's a bit pricey but I would pay hundreds for the  amount of relief it gives me. Order it online if you can not at BRU and you'll save a bit of money. This one at drugstore.com is like 30.00$ cheaper than BRU.


     And then go here to order and save 5.00$ or 15% you decide depending on what you order!


    I am Super Online Shopper Woman! 

    Enjoy and happy sleeping! 


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