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Deployed during birth

My husband will be deployed during the birth and this is our first.  At this point, we aren't sure if he will have access to internet to view the birth, etc., but I know that I definitely want to send out a "Baby's Here" type of care package right after the birth.  I'm trying to prepare everything that will be included in the package because I am going to pass the responsibility of actually putting everything in the box and mailing it to someone else.  I just want him to be included and receive it ASAP after the birth. 

 So far, I definitely plan on including pictures and then also an index card (framed) with the baby's footprints and handprints on it.  I also plan on putting the footprints and handprints on the outside of the package too.  I don't want to send anything super important that might get lost (like the baby's hospital bracelet).

 Does anybody have any other ideas of what could be included in this package?  

Also, does anybody have any ideas of how to involve him during the birth and the first 4 months?  

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Re: Deployed during birth

  • Get a pack of undershirts that he can wear with his uniform and put the foot and/or hand prints on one of those (right over where his heart will be if you want to be super cheesy with it LOL).  Maybe even outline or color over the actual prints with some kind of fabric marker so that they won't wash off. 

    Make or print off some kind of "new daddy certificate."  I have no idea if you can find these anywhere, but you could probably copy most of the wording on a generic certificate of achievement and fill in the rest with what you want. 

    See if the hospital will fill out 2 of those cards they put on the end of the baby's bassinet so you can keep one for the baby book and send one to him.  Same goes for any of the other keepsake papers you get from the hospital. 

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  • I think this is a great idea to send the package.  I would not send the index card framed maybe laminate it so he can carry it with him.  My H had me laminate pics of DD and me so he could have them with him.

    Maybe you can send him something that the baby has worn and smells like the baby.  Put it in a ziplock bag to preserve the smell.  Also make sure you get the red cross message out to him.

    Good luck!!!

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  • This sounds like a really awesome idea!!! I just might have to steal it!!!

    I love the idea of having the foot prints over his heart.


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  • My husband will also be deployed during the birth and I never really thought about this care package.  I really like the idea and may need to use it also. 
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  • This happened to me and in the package I also sent a gift from the new baby.  Every package had something with a cheesy card written by her. (ie baby powder with a card saying "Hope this keeps you as dry as it keeps me" or a swaddling blanket with pictures of her saying "So you can cuddle with me") I also sent cigars in his first package with pink ribbons on them.
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  • Mash67Mash67 member

    Aww thats cute!!  Im sure while they are foot printing the baby they wouldn't mind foot printing other Items for you.  My husband missed the birth as well by a DAY!!  they were SOO accommodating to us and would go out of their way to help.


    and I really like the cigar Idea even though my hubs isnt a smoker! 

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  • If your hubbys not a smoker the bubble gum cigars are a good idea. 
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