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Has anybody been there recently? Any thoughts?


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Re: Adventure Aquarium

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    I was there about a month ago with DH and the girls.  I didnt bring the stroller since the girls dont like to sit in there and I wanted them to see things and it was a great decision.  They were really good and held our hands.  There was a lot to see and we were there for a good two hours and even had lunch there.  I would definitely take them back again.
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  • We have a season pass and we love going. My favorite is the hippos and the sharks!

    I think they say it is best to go on Tuesdays - but you can call and check. The only problem I have there in the summer is that there are always a ton of summer camps there - and the children are not always behaved well.

    We usually like to go right at opening and stay until lunch or go around 2:00 and stay till 5:00.

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  • I have younger brothers and sisters (5yr and 4yr) and they love the aquarium. My parents have a season pass so my husband and I often take them. It really is great for any age with lots to see and touch. I agree that during the summer there are a lot of camp trips, and those children seem to run wild which can be aggravating! I also find that the weekends are more crowded. If you can go during the week you might enjoy the trip even more.

    Have fun :)

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  • We have a membership. 

     I don't even bother w/ the stroller anymore since DS just wants to run up to everything.

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