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I've had a day to think about it...

What the doc told me yesterday that is.  I had my 28 week OB appointment + glucola test and so far all went well.  I have not received the results of the glucola yet...

After my OB appointment, I went to a scheduled ultrasound with the perinatal specialist I have been seeing since week 20 due to elevated blood pressue.  LO has been measuring slightly small, he is in the 22nd percentile this week, but is otherwise  growing. 

So during the ultrasound, the perinatal doc found that I have extra fluid in my placenta surrounding the baby.  She stated that it could be caused by several things: absolutely nothing or diabetes

Anyone having a similar experience? Any words of advice?  I am not worring, yet, and just waiting to see what my blood test comes back with... Confused  TIA

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Re: I've had a day to think about it...

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    Hmm..I've never heard of anything described as "extra fluid in the placenta". The only things I could think of is that the baby has extra fluid in the amniotic sac; or there is a small bleed behind the placenta (which could look like fluid around or within the placenta). Did they say anything else to describe it? Only because the way you worded it doesn't make any sense to me (as an ultrasound tech). Either way, I'm sorry that you're going through this. I wouldn't worry unless the doctor tells you to. You could always call the doctor back and ask to speak to them to clarify what they're seeing..
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    So sorry for wording that totally wrong...yes in the (amniotic) sac...I am very tired today!  The ultrasound tech did all the measurements, etc then the perinatal specialist came in, looked for herself a bit, then told me about the extra fluid.  My DH wonders if there appears to be extra fluid because I am measuring on target but LO is smaller...??  I have another US in 4 weeks.
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    No idea about the extra fluid.. but as far as I knew, GD caused babies to be bigger... so it seems strange to me that your LO has always measured small. But I suppose you could just not be the norm..
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