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Groin pain so bad you can't walk?

Ugh, I don't know what the f I did today, but I think I pulled a groin muscle or LO is sitting on a nerve and NOT budging!  I was all proud of myself for going to the gym at lunchtime today, did an easy workout, then got down on the mat to stretch before showering and as I got up from the mat I almost started crying as my groin suddenly was shooting pain!  Not sure if I overstretched b/c of the relaxin in my joints (I never felt anything pull), or if my hernia just flared up suddenly (never has before), or if the beginnings of varicose veins really do just get that painful.  But I seriously could not walk or put weight on my left leg.  I hobbled to the shower hoping the heat would help (no), and somehow made it back to my car and just drove home and didn't go back to work.

Is this the groin/pelvic pain that some of you have written about?  I just thought it'd be a sudden shooting pain that'd go away after a few moments.  But this lasted all afternoon and still super sore - I've been lying on my side, icing, and even took a tylenol.  Crying  Any ideas what it could be?  If I have this for 4+ more weeks, I am never gonna make it!!

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Re: Groin pain so bad you can't walk?

  • I had a similar experience a few days ago! I was getting up out of a frog-style position and I think I pulled my groin. It hurt like heck the whole rest of the day, and I could barely walk, but it got better over the next 24-48 hours, and now the pain only comes back when I make a wrong move, and it's much less. Don't worry - it should go away!


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  • Have had this for about 3 weeks, doctor said it's pubic symphasis pain and will ebb and flow in and out depending on activity level, relaxation is about all that helps mine.



  • I have this approx every other day along with the lightening crotch. It seems to be when I'm most active (walking, cleaning, etc).
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  • I'm having similar issues, but with the posterior pelvis - the bones that connect my pelvis to my spine are causing the pain, so it's in my lower back.  I'm seriously worried about how I'm going to handle labor and delivery when I can barely walk!
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  • I'd try a heating pad.  My dr gave me permission to use them on my back in small doses....they cure everything for me.  :)
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  • funny you posted this today, cause I have the same groin pain.  I thought I did something with picking DD up the wrong way, or maybe its the baby down there!  Who knows, just another fun pain to cope with :)

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  • I get it periodically too. I'm over due actually, it's been a few weeks since I;ve had it.  It;s the most excruciating pain ever. What seems to help me is trying not to walk that much. I know it's not the best advice,
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