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Overdue Birth Story

I used to be Jade+1, have a new name now because I couldn't get ride of my tickers....anyways

It all started on the 22nd of March, I was at work around 9pm and I told my boss that I think I was starting to get a cold and I wanted to start my Maternity leave a little early. I wanted to work up until I went into labor and I was due March 29th. So, I went home feeling kinda achy and yucky so I went to bed as soon as I got home.

Woke up around 730am the next morning and felt some pretty regular "period type" cramping and started to time them. They started coming every 5 or so minutes and lasted for about 45 secs to a minute. I called my Dr and she said to go to L&D and she would meet us there. Got to the Hospital around 830a and everytime I had a contraction I would vomit(side note: I had m/s thru the entire pregnancy) I stayed in the exam room in L&D for about 3 hours with no such luck, I didn't even dialate 1/2cm. I was so upset and cried on the way home.

Got home around 1230 and decided I would try and take a nap....Yeah, no such luck. The contractions just got worse and worse and it was all in my back. Luckily, the nurse gave us a bunch of those blue bags for me to get sick into, seeing as I was carrying a ziplock bag around with me haha

I lay in my bed for the next 5 hours contracting like crazy, getting sick every dang time. The contractions got worse and worse, and when I thought they couldn't get any worse, they did. I started to go down on all fours to wait out the contraction. Then I started to puke up blood...yeah not so good huh? Had my roommate call my Dr(BF was at the store or something, can't remember) and she said to go back to L&D. She said my stomach lining must have been really bad which is why I was puking blood. 

An orderly(sp?) wheeled me down to L&D from the ER while BF parked the car. They proceeded to take me to Birthing room and said they would be admitting me...FINALLY!!!! They checked me and I was at 4cm. BF's mom met us there(she works in L&D) and she knew I wanted an epi ASAP. They got me going on the fluids you have to get before getting an epi and it took almost 2 hours for me to finish the bag. So I had the worse back labor(not that I have anything to compare it to) and got thru it like a champ, as my mom said :) My mom was in the room with me along with BF and his mom. She held my hand through every contraction and proceeded to wipe my head with a cold cloth, it was amazing.

Luckily I had a great guy giving me my epi and it took almost instantly. As I sat there, the nurse said, "Did you feel that one?" I said, "What one?" She proceeded to tell me that I just had the biggest contraction. I was so excited that I didn't feel a darn thing. The Dr checked me and I was at 6cm, she broke my water(nice and clear) and we played the waiting game. 

A few family members came in to see me and say hi. I was feeling great at that time and everyone started getting emotional and we all had a nice cry. All of a sudden I feel this weird urge to go to the bathroom and I think the nurse saw it on my face and asked me what I was feeling. I told her that I felt like I was going to poop(exact words haha), she said ok and got the Dr to check me again. In only about 30 minutes I went from a 6 to a 10 and we were ready to push!!! 

I had to start pushing on my left side because he was coming out at a weird angle. Once he straightened out they put me on my back. I had a pre-existing heart condition and everytime I had a contraction and pushed his heartrate would drop dramatically and mine would go through the roof. The Dr said we needed to get the baby out faster and proceeded to give me an episiotomy. That was one of the only things that I felt other than I had to take the biggest crap of my life. Once they cut me, a few more pushes he was here. His cord was double wrapped around his neck but was fine otherwise.

After only 35 minutes of pushing baby Quinton was born at 11:34pm on March 23rd at 5lbs 14oz 18.5 inches long and was wide awake and alert. He then proceeded to pee on me twice and take a huge poop as well...I didn't mind. He was out and perfect. 10 fingers and 10 toes.

He has his mommy's lips and chin but the rest is all daddy :) My life hasn't been better. He is now almost 3 months old and probably around 13lbs by now. Last we checked he was 25 inches long and I love every inch of him


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