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Little babies/early toddlers moms groups?

Anyone know a friendly infant moms group in the Outter SE/Gresham area? I joined one moms group but they all have kids who are 3 or older and my little guy gets left out (he just turned one).

They also tend to do things horribly early in the morning or too late in the evening for my family. Or on days where I don't have the car... and they kinda have their little friendships all built up and there seems to be no room for a newcomer.

So I was thinking if someone knew of another group that would be fun.

I have a one year old little boy, JUST turned one, and we have afternoons open to do things. I could even host playdates here at my house for other people with infants!  I would enjoy that a lot. I bake a good muffin and do great cupcakes!

Re: Little babies/early toddlers moms groups?

  • When you find a great group let me know! We live in Gresham and my daughter just turned 15mo.  We haven't been going to the play group we initially joined because of timing issues and because the other moms have known each other for years and I always felt like the awkward newbie.  I love it that the weather is finally getting better so that we can spend more afternoons at the park but it would be really nice to have a group to join!
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  • I'm in Gresham too!

    My little guy is 13 months and we would love to meet up at a park or somewhere to play. I don't really know any other moms in this area, at least not any with kids the same age.

    I just lurk on here sometimes Embarrassed but saw this post and thought I'd try a response...

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  • I don't know of any in your area, but the one I belong to is through Mom's Club International. You can check their website. I also found some great groups through

    Good Luck!

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