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Let's talk aromatherapy!

My favorite fragrances that you can purchase at good ol Yankee Candle/BBW are citrusy- energizing. I am sure that that may come in handy, but my impression of aromatherapy is that it should be something to relax me... Something I know I will desperately need while in labor.

What scents will relax you? I am pretty anti-floral- it makes my nose tickle. Scents that relax me (that I am not sure if they make as commercial fragrances) are bon-fire and the earthy smell of the damp woods... LOL

Anyone have good aromatherapy experiences? Or pretty much "forget that hippie mumbo jumbo the only thing that really works is drugs!"

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Re: Let's talk aromatherapy!

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    BBW makes a sleepy time line of soaps and scents.  They have Lavender-Camomile and Lavender-Vanilla.  I find both to be relaxing and nice.
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    I love Lavender oh so much
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    My go to scents are orange-ginger, & eucalyptus & mint from Bath and Body works
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    My go to scents are orange-ginger, & eucalyptus & mint from Bath and Body works

    The eucalyptus/mint is awesome!  I have the orange/ginger too but every time I use it I think it smells like cleaning products, lol--but it is energizing.

    I also like verbana/lemongrass, bamboo, and other citrusy/fresh scents from aveda. 

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