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Telling Work About Baby

Hi everyone,

when did you tell your job you were pregnant? i am 4 weeks only but with working with my sister and the world of facebook, i am concerned it may be leaked before i can tell them. thanks!!

Re: Telling Work About Baby

  • I waited until 15 weeks.  But then again, we only told immediate family until then as well (so no Facebook) and made them all promise not to tell anyone until we were ready.  That way we didn't have to worry. 

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  • I waited until after the 13 week ultrasound/testing. I wanted to wait to make sure everything was okay before telling work or anyone besides my immediate family and closest friends.  I saw too many friends struggle with miscarriages and other problems during first trimester and I did not want to have to do any explaining to  coworkers or other friends if anything went wrong with my pregnancy. Tell your sister to keep it hush hush for now until you are ready to publicly announce your pregnancy.  If anyone attempted to post something on my FB wall I promptly deleted it and sent them a message that this was not yet public news.  I did not let this become public on FB until 20 week ultrasound when we were 100% things were okay and new the sex.
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  • I told them around 14.5 weeks.  I'm not friends with many coworkers on FB, but that wouldn't have been a problem because there is still nothing on FB about my pregnancy.  I haven't posted anything, and I'm lucky enough to have friends and family who respect my privacy (and it doesn't hurt that I locked my wall so no one can post on it.)
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  • so far i told only my supervisor and program director. i dont feel there is any need for other staff members to know. i feel my supervisor needed to know because i am a social worker. if i went out to a home that was to unclean i would need to be transferred off the case. i am really afraid of exposing the baby to some of the stuff i deal with
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