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Potty Training

Potty training success story (3DPTish, long)

DS just turned 2 in May. We've had a potty seat around for awhile, and he was occasionally asking to go potty, but nothing consistent. I had read a couple versions of the 3DPT method and just decided to jump in with him. MIL had taken DD for the day and we had a playdate scheduled for that morning at our house, so I figured it was as good a day as any to start.

Day one he had 3 accidents in the morning, 2 pee and 1 poop. Went to nap in underwear and stayed dry the whole time, peed on the potty right after he got up. Stayed dry all afternoon. Went to Target to get big boy underwear (he had been wearing DDs because I was so unprepared!), peed before we left. Went to bed in underwear (DH and I went back and forth on this, but decided to try underwear and see what happened). Got him up to pee around 1030, didn't pee, but woke up at 450 a bit wet, crying for the potty. Sat him down, he peed, asked for a diaper, and went back to sleep until 7. Had peed in his diaper.

Day 2-- Had plans to see my dad, who was an hour away. Brought the potty seat, stopped halfway at ILs to pick up DD and pee again. Waited until he had gone before going to Dad's. Had one accident at dad's house, but peed on the potty right away once he started and noticed he was going. Dry whole ride home, wearing a diaper. Peed when he got home. Bed in underwear, peed at 130A on potty, woke up at 7 recently wet.

Day 3 (today)-- One accident in the afternoon, partially my fault because I hadn't been paying attention to the time, but otherwise dry all day. He even got out of the bath to pee! Woke himself up to pee around 9.

We're still debating keeping him in underwear or switching back to diapers at night. He's going 4 or 5 hours without peeing so I think we're going to give it a few more nights and decide then. We use Gerber trainers at night and regular underwear during the day. 

I can't believe he did so well and it was so easy to PT him. I was definitely expecting to not be ready to PT until close to 3. I post this in a way to show that when kids are ready, it works so well-- so try not to get frustrated if it's not working!  

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Re: Potty training success story (3DPTish, long)

  • Way to go!!  Glad you had a pretty easy experience.

    We also did the 3dpt with good result. We haven't night trained yet though. I'm not too concerned abotu it at this point. DS sleeps in a pull-up and sometimes he wakes up to go potty, other times he wakes up soiled, and other times he sleeps through and wakes up soaked. For the last few nights he has been waking up dryer though, so maybe soon we'll go with gitch at night.

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  • I don't know anything about 3 day potty training, I did a 1 day method. DD has been PTed since Memorial Day and we didn't use diapers at night. But...my DD refused a diaper at night.

    I tried waking DD the first night of PTing and she was really upset about it and wouldn't pee. Then we had a couple nights where she had an accident in her bed and she would get really upset and it was a pain to keep redoing the bed in the middle of the night. But she was flat out refusing a diaper. So I had a "serious" talk with her about waking her up at night to pee - and we started doing it between 10-11 at night, she's completely OK with it and I think we've maybe had one accident since. I'm hoping by end of summer she can go longer, but I'm afraid to try.

    I have a new baby so I'm up a lot at night still, so maybe I should try before he starts sleeping through all the time and then I hate waking up! Good luck!

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