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Help with an animal question

Last night my H found a baby bird on our front lawn. He seemed distressed, so we put him in a shoe box on the top of our tallest bush so that no neighborhood cats would get him. We hoped his mommy would find him, but this morning, he's still in the box. He can't fly yet. Can I feed him? How can I help him? I am a city girl, I know nothing about how to help this poor little creature. The momma in me wants to help him.  

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Re: Help with an animal question

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    I don't know but I found this link, maybe it will help?


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    I have hand fed baby birds that DD has found and a squirrel!!  With the birds I used an eye dropper  and fed them the Gerber cereal in a box, not to thick, not to thin in consistency.  Do not burn scented candles or incense as this will kill them.  once they have been touched or handled the mother will nit take them back. (If you ever find a baby squirrel, feed puppy formula!)  Good luck!!! Please let me know how it goes!! 
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    Did you pick it up with your bare hands? If the mom smells human, they wont help the baby. It's sad, but they won't. 
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    He died. We moved his makeshift nest to a shady spot on the ground so he could get out and find food or his mommy. We came back later and he was just laying there.  I feel so badly for him. 
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    I already saw your update about the baby bird dying but I'd still like to share my expertise as a zookeeper and person who has specialized in birds. I get phone calls from basically anyone who knows me asking what to do about finding baby birds, so here's my general advice.....
    First I just want to let everyone know that birds have TERRIBLE sense of smell. It's completely not true that the an adult bird will smell people on a chick if it's touched. It's essentially an OWT.
    A lot of baby birds will fledge from the nest slightly before actually learning to fly. The best thing you can do if you find a baby bird (they would have a decent amount of feathers, but it's ok if less than an adult) is to leave it. It will probably be gone I the next day or so, finally learning to fly. If you live in an area where you are concerned with a lot of house cats around, you can pick up the bird and put it in a low bush to get it off the ground. But leave it near by, the parent birds will find it if they are coming back to feed it. You can put it back in a nest if you see it and reach it but there is a good chance the baby bird will try to fledge again, don't be alarmed if you find it on the ground again.
    If it's a younger bird (not feathered, or only pin feathers) it's possible that it has been pushed out by larger, more "fit", siblings. I love birds more than most but I'd still say let nature take it's course.

    HTH anyone in the future!

    So interesting, thanks!  I love animals.  Sorry about the baby bird lmjt.

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    We had baby birds in our closet (long story) so we just called local animal control and they came and took them away the same day. I don't know exactly what they do with them (since I let DH take care of this and he is bad at asking quesions...) but I like to imagine they took them to a baby bird sanctuary where they got all the regurgitated worms their hearts could desire...

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