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Would you be worried?

When I was visiting my mom last weekend, she mentioned something that literally hadn't crossed my mind.  Right now, DH and I sleep in the basement bedroom and are planning to set up the nursery across the hall in the den area.  Well my mom said, aren't you worried about ventilation down there? Have you checked to make sure there is no lead in your place?  Well I dont think there is because I think they inspected for that before we started renting (also not sure how ventilation and lead would be related).  But it did get me thinking... the baby's "room" will not have any windows.   There is a window in the bathroom right next to it, and we have 2 in our room (granted they are the small windows near the ceiling that are in most basements).  LO will be sleeping in our room in a cradle to start, but eventually we'll be putting him in his crib in his room. 

Aside from always keeping him in our room while we live here (we're hoping to move next summer) or putting him in the upstairs guest room (also don't like the thought of being on a different floor than him) our only other option would be moving - like NOW!  Is this situation something you would worry about? I would not have even thought about it if she hadn't said anything but now I can't get it out of my head if there was a fire or something.

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