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My Crazy Fast, Natural Delivery!! (PIP)


On June 6, 2011, I was 1 day past due and was off to work again. I was having light morning contractions but that had been typical of the last couple days. Work seemed to take forever and I was so relieved when the day was finally over. By dinner time that night, the contractions were back and a little stronger but again, did not last too long (to my disappointment). Around midnight, they picked back up but I wanted to see if they lasted before telling Dan. A few timeable waves later, I decided to wake him up to tell him. "Dan, Dan...Dan, they are finally a little regular!" His response, "Really?...ZZzzzzzzz." He was obviously either not believing me or very tired, so I fell back asleep.

June 7, 2011 at 2:30 a.m., I woke up to a very strong steady gush! I got up right away, turned on the light and yelled to Dan while dancing in circles holding by front and back as if to hold the fluid in. "Dan! DAN! DAAANNN!" His response, "What?? What, did your water break or something???" "YES!!!" He jumped out of bed so fast and raced me to the bathroom - I got his attention this time! We confirmed what was happening and I immediately got in the shower to clean up because it was time! Dan cleaned the carpet while I showered (such a good sport) and the contractions picked up. We were putting together the last pieces of the bags we packed when I realized the contractions seemed to be coming pretty quick. The Doctor told us to head to the hospital when they were about 5 minutes apart. Noticing the quick pattern, Dan timed one - TWO MINUTES APART!?! What in the world?? - "Don't first babies take longer than this?" It was officially time to get these bags finished and get to the hospital!!!

By 3:45 a.m., we were pulling up to the hospital after a rough car ride. Dan was awesome, reminding me of the relaxation techniques we had read about in my hope for a med-free delivery. He put the flashers on the car and helped me in. By 4:00 a.m., I was in the delivery room and getting checked for the first time. Nurse said I was 5-6 cm dilated and 100% effaced. She wanted another nurse to confirm though because she suspected I was further. Next nurse checked and I was actually 7 cm!! We got through some forms and then Dan was back to helping with relaxation. The back pain had kicked into high gear and the only relief I was getting was from him pushing his fist into my back as hard as he could with each contraction. I labored on my back or side in bed because standing and sitting were too uncomfortable. This was our routine for a short while. By 5:15 a.m., I was starting to lose my resolve. "Dan, I don't think I can do this anymore....I may need them to give me something!!" He wouldn't let me fail and kept reminding me all the reasons I decided to go without drugs. This helped for a little while. Then it was, "Please get them to check because I CAN'T DO IT!" (I needed to hear that I had progessed). Doctor came in and checked, "How are you feeling?" I told him I was on the edge but then he told me that I was 9 cm!!! He offered me a last chance for meds but hearing the progression was all I needed for motivation. Doctor said to come get him as soon as I felt the urge to push. The next little bit was very rough (transition). All of a sudden, I severely needed to use the restroom (if you know what I mean). I pleaded with Dan because I needed to GO! He thought this may be the urge the doctor was talking about but how was I supposed to know that? First baby, remember? Doctor came back in and apparently that feeling WAS me having the urge to push! He had me do a few practice pushes to see if I could move her and I had no trouble. A few real pushes in and all of a sudden, the Doctor has to leave for an emergency surgery?! Are you kidding me?? Pushing was the only thing that made the contraction pain go away!!! I immediately started panicking at the idea of that relief being taken away. The doctor instructed the nurse to have me to do little pushes and he would be no more than 10 minutes. Longest 10 minutes of my life. Little pushes were close to impossible but I was trying. When the Doctor came back, it was 8-10 pushes later and Avery Grace was on my chest!! She was born at 6:44 a.m. I could NOT believe how fast it all happened. That first skin-on-skin contact was amazing! My first words, "Happy Birthday Avery." She looked and listened like she knew me forever!! My heart exploded and I was in love immediately.

Doctor said I had a small 2nd degree tear that would heal with no problem. He guessed that the baby was about 8 pounds. Yeah right, I thought. I'm 5 feet, 2 inches tall (where would I fit that size baby?)...they had been telling me she wouldn't be too big based on my belly measurements - we were measuring "textbook". Nope! She was 8 pounds, 15 ounces and 22 inches long!!!! Almost a 9 pound baby! My little chunk!! :)

I am so incredibly proud I made it through with no meds - I was up and walking right after delivery and was feeling like a million bucks. I was so alert, could use the restroom on my own, pick up my baby from her bassinet, and had the appetite of a football team. I could never have done it without my amazing husband! He was my rock through it all and ensured it all happened according to the plan we had set. The delivery was by far all that I had hoped for and more. Now I just have to worry about when it's time for baby #2 - that I don't deliver in the car!! By the way, because it all happened so fast...Dan never got the chance until after to actually park the car that was still sitting outside the hospital entrance.

Avery's 1 week newborn pictures went amazing and I will be showing off more of her very soon!! <3

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Re: My Crazy Fast, Natural Delivery!! (PIP)

  • Your LO is so beautiful!!! I can only hope and pray that my delivery goes as well (and fast) as yours did. Congratulations!!!

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  • Congrats!
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  • Congratulations! Such a beautiful baby!


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  • Congratulations on the birth of your LO! What a beautiful name.



  • Ahhh so exciting, I am super inspired now! By the way I love that your car never got moved into a "normal" parking space =)




  • Congrats! Stories like yours remind me that I can do this too! Wishing you the best of luck with your new family.. congrats momma!Smile

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  • What an amazing story.. truly inspiring! 
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  • Congrats! Sounds amazing, I even teared up a little! I noticed the NH onesie in your picture. Did you deliver in town, or at NH Forsyth?
  • imageHappy2BPreg:
    Congrats! Sounds amazing, I even teared up a little! I noticed the NH onesie in your picture. Did you deliver in town, or at NH Forsyth?

    aw, thank you so much! yes, i delivered at nh - the atl location (400/285). best experience!! they are awesome there and couldn't have hoped for a better stay! :)

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  • Congrats what a beautiful story, my first babies were twins and mine came fast two, but even faster than yours. It just goes to show you that each person is different. I dialated to a ten in two hours. I am SO happy for you!!!
  • Thanks for sharing your inspirational birth story!
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  • What an awesome birth story! I am also planning to have a natural birth. I hope mine goes as well as yours sounds like it did! :O) Avery sure is cute!
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  • That's great and she is beautiful!!! Funny my son's name is Avery as well and he was a pretty fast pregnancy too!! My first was over 24 hours but he was only 10 hours long, I went into labor at midnight and during the morning and afternoon I timed my contractions like my doctor said, they were getting closer and pretty intense I then finally decided to go to the hospital around 6 and found that I was dilated to a 7!!! 10:06 Avery was born!!! Anywho, just cool that our Avery's were fast deliveries!! Congrats and again shes a beauty!!
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  • imagedantoni1210:

    Congrats! Sounds amazing, I even teared up a little! I noticed the NH onesie in your picture. Did you deliver in town, or at NH Forsyth?

    aw, thank you so much! yes, i delivered at nh - the atl location (400/285). best experience!! they are awesome there and couldn't have hoped for a better stay! :)

    I delivered there too.  They are awesome.  Congrats on your beautiful daughter!  I loooove the sig pic.  precious.
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