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I don't post much, but I do read the Sept board almost daily. You all seem really supportive and nice so I thought I'd ask if any of you suffered from anxiety? I've always had it off and on. It's been fine during pregnancy until the past month and now that I'm done work for the summer (teacher) I feel like it's worse (not much to do to keep my mind busy now.) Any one else have anxiety issues? Any ways to help it? thanks
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Re: anxiety advice

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    I could have written this post myself! Now that I'm off, I've noticed it's gotten worse but I've narrowed it down to being caused from fear of labor/delivery. I've been talking to friends who have recently gone through it and that has helped a LOT. I also got extra reassurance from my doctor at my last appointment and that helped as well. I've also been enjoying a lot of non-baby related reading to keep my mind busy. Hope that helps!
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    I posted on this a couple weeks ago, and got some really wonderful responses.  Hopefully you will find some of this helpful:
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    I was going to reference womancake's thread too, many of us have had anxiety issues both past and present. If you need support you came to the right place. Smile
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    I just read through that post. I know exercise always makes me feel better, I just need to get out and do it. I did try deep breathing the other day and it helped. I guess I know the things that help, I just need to do it. Thanks for the link!
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    Did you have it before pregnancy? Were you being seen by a doctor for it, or a therapist? Mine is long term, I've been dealing with it for years. A couple things I've learned are, deep breathing, guided imagery, and journaling. They all seem to help somewhat.

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    lily87lily87 member

    Some of the ladies have read my posts on this before, but in  2004 I was diagnosed with panic disorder. I have always been an anxious person, but it progressed into frequent panic attacks and then the disorder right after I got married. It really took over my life for about 5 years. I can tell you more if you like, but essentially it prevented me from doing a lot of things and we would not have tried to have a baby had I not got it under control. Kinds can learn to have anxiety problems from their parents...and I wanted to reduce the chance of that happening as much as possible before getting pg.

    I am not sure what kind of anxiety problems you have. Do you have panic attacks? Personally, I decided to seek a particular kind of therapy after drugs did nothing but make me gain weight and the old therapist I had turned out to be pretty ineffective. The thing is, if you have anxiety without depression- antidepressants are not the answer. They are actually not FDA approved for that purpose but are really meant for people with depression who also have anxiety. If you are like me, and you just have anxiety problems, the best form of treatment is therapy.

    I strongly suggest that you look into seeing someone. Even if your issues are not as severe as daily panic, it is really helpful. Obviously, there are a lot of therapies and a lot of kinds of therapists out there. I did a ton of research to see what kind of therapy was the most effective with people who get anxiety attacks and it turns out that empirical data supports cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as the most effective empirically and even more effective than drug treatments. I think another poster posted about a book that is CBT based which does not surprise me.

    Luckily, there is a center at BU in Boston that specializes in this time of therapy. If you are in a major city or near one, you should be able to find someone who does this kind of treatment. I have to say, it honestly changed my life. I have been anxiety free/anxiety drug free for two years now. And, my dr. said I was one of the most severe people he ever saw, lol. Honestly, I did things I wasn't able to do (like flying drug free) and things have been great during pregnancy. While I no longer need the treatment per se, I have continued to see my therapist once a month since getting pregnant because I know that anxiety attacks tend to be more frequent in pregnant people (even without a history of anxiety) and I have been kind of waiting for it to appear...but so far things have been fine. But, still seeing him once a month to talk about how things are going and getting that reassurance that some of this nervousness is completely normal has been immensely helpful to me and totally worth the 150$ an hour! lol.

    Sorry this has been so long. But, definitely check in to seeing someone. I truly think therapy is beneficial to all people- but most certainly people with anxiety. And, know that there are others on the board that do understand and we are here to support you. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk about it!


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