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I know you can go to yelp and do google searches but I like to know personal experiences and recommendations. You just can't trust every rating and review. This is the most important thing to me and I don't want docs that are pushing u to take meds and end up giving me a C section (which is a hospitals #1 option due to $ & hurrying it up to get you out) it's so scary how many woman got induced and pressured into making a decision so precious under those kind of circumstances. 

I have my 1st appt tomorrow and all I read was horrible things about this doctor. Uhhhhh so depressing. But the good news is I can change until I find one I am in love with. 

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  • I am not sure where you live but Dr Stacey Rosenbaum in beverly hills is AMAZING and wont push you to do anything. She is totally amazing I will never switch obgyn unless I move out of state
  • I completely agree with the last poster!! Dr. Stacey Rosenbaum is my OBGYN and she is AMAZING!! So nice! I wouldn't dare dream of switching to someone else. The ultrasound tech(sorry I can't remember her name, but she is French) there is amazing and so nice too!
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  • yes the ultrasound tech is super nice and smart she could even tell me I was going to need a brush when my baby was born and he was born with a full head of blonde hair!!!! its rare that happens

    but heads up she doesnt work fridays, and the tech that does shes not very friendly so never schedule on a friday lol

  • I see Dr. Tamayo who I really think is more of a midwife than a doctor. She is in Glendale and it took me awhile to to find the right doctor too. I ended up finding her 4 days before my positive pregnancy test. After watching "Business of Being Born: I had to find a doctor my husband and I both agreed on. She was it!  I really wanted my first a home birth but my husband is not a fan so we agreed to have Dr. Tamayo because she's so open to her patients walking around and being in control (as long as the baby is safe). She is on the younger which I think helps her be so open minded. She delivers at Huntington Hospital (Pasadena), Verdugo Hills and Glendale Adventist (both in Glendale). I also ended up looking at Glendale Adventist being the hospital I wanted to deliver at and she just so happens to deliver there! 

    You can take a peak at her Yelp.  

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  • "I would 100% recommend "The Mommy Docs" (Dr. Hill, Dr. Bohn, and Dr. Park).  I think their practice is called Spectrum Women's Healthcare.  They have a tv show called Deliver Me, which is not on anymore, but you might be able to find some episodes online so you can watch them work. 

    Dr. Allison Hill was my OB and I absolutely love her.  I am going to continue to see her for my annual check-ups.  She is warm and friendly and she really took the time to answer all my questions.  Best of all, I never had to wait more than 5 min. for my appointments!

    Dr. Hill was not on call when I went into labor, so Dr. Bohn was my doctor at the hospital.  She also has a great bedside manner.  Due to dangerous complications, I had to have an emergency c-section, but I was actually the one to suggest it--she was doing everything she could think of to try to get my little guy out vaginally.  She was very professional and explained everything she was doing.  She did a great job on the c-section--my scar looks great.  She also circumcised my son at the hospital and she did a wonderful job (the pediatrician even commented on how great it looked, lol).  

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