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Talking To Babies

I saw a post today relating to this topic and was wondering;

How does your DH/SO talk to your LO? What did you do to help them start talking to your LO?

All mine does is make noises back to our DS (mimicking DS), say "what?" or "hey" (both in an annoyed tone or how someone would speak to a dog) and even though I mention that I was reading how it's good to talk to babies like regular people and not baby talk or whatever else comes to mind to get him to talk to him DH still hasn't gotten the hint. t wouldn't bother me so much if DS was 7 weeks but he's 7 months.

I just don't get it; DH used to be compassionate and sweet to DS and now just seems like he's a hardass and already in the displinearian role where he can't be gentle, compassionate and loving.

I was just wondering if a lot of DH/SOs are like that or is mine "special".

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  • Could you maybe find some literature to share with your H that supports what you are telling him? Sometimes men need their information from a third party to realize we aren't making these things up.


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  • DH certainly doesn't talk to her as much as I do, but he doesn't talk a lot anyway so it's not a big deal. After reading the post about the mother's helper, I asked him if he talks to her when I'm not around or if it's more for my benefit. He got all offended and now I think I'm in trouble! He doesn't narrate every little thing the way I do, but he does talk to her.

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  • I have him tell her about his day. Explain what he's doing as he's playing with her. Normally he just tells her over and over how cute she is, but that's OK.

    Make him read to him.  

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  • My DH talks to him in a combination of like a mini adult and like a puppy.

    I.e. "Hi buddy! What did you do today? Did you give momma he!l? Who's daddy's little buddy? You're daddy's little buddy!"

    It's actually kind of adorable.

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  • Hey talks to him a lot in kinda baby-ish talk. It's mostly just a really excited voice.

    And DH is in charge of bathtime every night and he always sings to DS in the bath, it's pretty cute.


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  • My DH talks to Ian like he would talk to me. He doesn't talk nearly as much as I do, but I tend to narrate everything that I'm doing. I also had my DH start reading to Ian very early on. At first he thought it was silly, but they both enjoy it now.
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