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Maternity Photos: have ideas??

My DH & I are taking photographs this weekend and I'm trying to think of interesting/unique ideas....want to help? I'd like to have some ideas for poses, locations, etc.

We're in Garden Oaks and the photographer is in the Heights so I've thought of the obvious: Heights Blvd & gazebos, but also the new bridge over white oak (part of the new trail). Can anyone think of other nearby locations or places within the heights?

Would anyone mind linking me to maternity pics they liked?

DH and I are also big fans of soccer, he LOVES motorcycles, I've been doing a lot of yoga, and, um, we like our cats. I'm not sure if these can be weaved into our photographs. I'm sure we have other interests, but quite frankly being preg has filled my brain with other thoughts the last several months. 

Thanks bunches

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Re: Maternity Photos: have ideas??

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    Why not go to your favorite place for a snack (ice cream, cupcakes) and take that treat to a local park or do some lifestyle stuff relaxing in your house.  

    Remember that by hiring a professional photographer part of what you're paying your photographer to do is help you brainstorm the best location for your session, to help you pose and help you obtain the creative vision in your head.  Definitely talk to your photographer about your expectations.

    I hope you have fun!  

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