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S/O Cruising - naps

This may sound like a stupid question, but how does napping work for your LO on a cruise.

I saw one person mention they can provide a PNP, but do they also provide monitors that work from anywhere on the ship so you know when your LO wakes up?

I'm thinking no, so I guess you just have to either take a nap with them or check on them frequently to make sure they haven't woken up and are crying (or wandering if older) around the room?

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Re: S/O Cruising - naps

  • We had a PNP in the room. We would draw the curtains(it made the room pitch black) in our balcony room and lie him down in the PNP. We would lie down on the bed and wait for him to fall asleep. Sometimes we would nap with him, watch tv after he was asleep, or one of us would stay with him and the other would go wander around the ship, go to an activity, etc. We would never leave him alone in the room. 
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  • We had thought about bringing a monitor because there was a wine bar literally 20 ft from our door but we decided against it. We threw his schedule to the wind (which is REEEEEALLY hard for me) and just let him nap in his stroller, on the tenders to shore or on the bus for excursions. At night we would hang out in the bathroom and read (I'm serious) til he fell asleep :)
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  • I would never leave my kid alone in the room. Maybe I would have entertained it for .0001 second before that Madeliene McCann story - but it isn't even a question now.

    I'd just nap, hang out on the balcony or in the bathroom like pp said. Or just wait until they aren't napping any more :) My kids are terrible with napping on the go so that would be a total nightmare :)


  • I've never heard of the room monitors, and personally I would never do that.  I could just imagine one of my kids waking up in an unfamiliar place and being upset!

    We always just slept with DD.  She'd either fall asleep in the stroller and we'd take her back to the room, or she would fall asleep pretty well with us.  We just stayed with her in the room, sometimes we switched off (like once I went and ate by myself!).  I wrote a review about how the channels on the TV were awful and cut out a lot, and someone was all "you aren't on a cruise to watch TV".. well I wasn't - but why were the channels that worked, so limited?  Like the sports channel worked fine.. grr!  I just made sure to have books with me too (or get one from the ship library).

  • Yeah, I would never leave my child in a room somewhere unattended.  Especially an almost 2 yr old!  My almost 2 yr old has can not only climb out of a p'n'p, but can open doors!  Even doors with child proof handles!  Strangely, my 4 yr old can't open child proof handles like B does, go figure.  And just because he can't/hasn't done these things in the past, doesn't mean much.  There is a first time for everything!  DH found B teetering at the top of the stairs in the middle of the night @ 18 months old, she has learned to open the door to her room and never made a sound!  Could you imagine?  I get all nervous about them waking up in a hotel room in the middle of the night and sneaking out with us in the room. And I would bet there are even rules against it on the ship.
  • After reading your answers I went back and re-read my question and it does sound like I would leave my LO alone in there - sorry about that.  I couldn't do it!

    And are the bathrooms really that big in those rooms?  I've never been on a cruise but from what I've heard I guess I always just assumed they were tiny - makes for some cramped reading - kudos!

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  • We took Chelsea on a Carnival cruise when she was 20 months. She napped great! We got a room with an extended balcony and took turns going to the room for nap each day with her. Some days I was tired too and took a nap as well! Other days either DH or I sat on the balcony and read. You could hear her wake up through the window. And there were AMAZING room-darkening curtains that made the room perfect for naps...along with the wonderful a/c!
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  • dle927dle927 member

    We also threw DD's nap schedule out the window and rolled with it.  If we were on the ship we took her back to the room to nap and if we were on shore, she napped in the stroller.  We also went to bed really early.  I was sea sick and DH had a stomach bug so it wasn't a huge deal to us.  Had one of us been feeling well we would have taken turns going to the room early as we had family with us too so the person who was out had someone to be with.  Rooms are small but we adjusted. 

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