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"Kidney" Pain during Deep Breaths

I saw someone post the other day about a possible kidney infection (BTW...was there an update on how she was doing?). I posted on there that I was also wondering if I had an infection but did not have pain when urinating.

I still do not have pain when urinating, aches, or fever/chills. What I have found over the past few days is that it hurts the worst when I breath deeply. I don't have any chest pain...just pain in my back, right, flank area. It almost feels like someone is squeezing my kidney in a fist. 

The discomfort gets worse as the day progresses and yawning is the WORST, so I tend to feel the worst before I go to bed.

I am going to call my OB today (my husband demands it because I tend to "tough things out")...but, has anyone had this?

My officemate told me he thinks it's dehydration (though I drink liquid throughout the day) or kidney stones. Any other theories so I can walk into my appointment next week with possible things to ask my doctor about?

Thanks ladies! Let's hope I am not bored at work today..! {{yawn...OUCH!}}

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Re: "Kidney" Pain during Deep Breaths

  • It could be kidney stones or  a kidney infection.

    Ive had several UTI's and Kidney infections and do not have painful urination EVER. Every once in a while I may have some pressure when emptying my bladder (nothing painful) with a UTI. But this doesnt always happen. Usually my only symptoms are kidney pain or a positive test.

    GO GET IT CHECKED OUT. Kidney pain is NOT something to mess around with during pregnancy. If it was just you thatd be one thing, but if it's an infection and it's already bad enough for you to be in pain then youre really putting your baby at risk. And if it's a kidney stone that is something you need to know about as well.

    At the very least call your doctor and let them know your symptoms and see what they say. If they say it's nothing then fine, but you really do need to call. There is absolutely no reason not to.


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  • Thank you for the response.

    I called the doctor this morning and was able to get an appointment today. They checked my urine and said it's not a kidney infection. He said muscle pain (I don't think it is because this is SEVERE at times), my uterus moving up, or possibly kidney stones. 

    He said to monitor the situation and to call immediately if I have blood in my urine, fever, chills, aches, or painful urination.

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