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27.5 weeks and on bed rest for duration. Anyone else?

At 23 weeks, I felt pressure like baby girl was pressing down so my doctors did an ultrasound to measure my cervix.  At that time, it measured 2.5cm.  They started me on progesterone suppositories and modified bedrest (to and from work)  I also had an Ffn test done which was positive.  On June 1st, I had a repeat ultrasound and Ffn test.  My ultrasound showed my cervix was actually 3.68cm, which is normal, but my Ffn test was still positive.  So hubby and I went to the hospital to have my cervix checked and contractions monitored.  Cervix felt thick, not opened, and still measured 3.68cm with no contractions.  On June 8th, (27 weeks) I thought I was getting another Ffn test done but my doctor said it was just a follow up visit and that they would do another test the next visit.  But, she said to make you feel better, I'll go ahead and check your cervix.  She was concerned that I started spotting with her checking my cervix and she felt as though it was starting to dialate.  So off I go to the ultrasound room and my cervix was down from 3.68cm to 2.2cm and Baby Emerson had already turned.  They sent me to the hospital for more monitoring of my contractions and bloodwork to see if I had an infection.  Again, no contractions, and my cervix felt like it was opened about the size of a pinhole.  The doctor said he could not fit his finger in my cervix so he put me on strict bedrest. No work, no play, just laying on my side or reclined until 36 weeks.  I am going to request they take measurements of Emmi because when we went to our 3d ultrasound, she already weighed 3 lbs, was 15 in long and measuring almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  Anyone else experience any of this? 



Re: 27.5 weeks and on bed rest for duration. Anyone else?

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    I have no advice to offer, but thank God for the bump to entertain you! I would maybe post over on the high risk board. I think there are a lot more mommies on bed rest over there!

    Good luck to you and I hope LO decides to cook for awhile!


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    I'm not on bed rest, but I'm sorry to hear that you are. I know it's going to be tough for you, but I hope all goes well. Smile
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    Best of luck to you, take it easy and keep that little one in there as long as possible. Smile
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    After a bleed and hospitalization for a couple of days from complete previa, I was on bed rest for a week.  Now I am on limited activity, though I probably do more than I should.  But I can't go out for walks or take my kids to the zoo, or anything, and I am so frustrated.  I had cancel out trip to Florida.  It's a tough pill to swallow.

    All the doctors expect me to bleed again, and they say I will be on hospital bed rest if that happens.  I don't think I could take that, so I hope to at least get myself on home bed rest.  Hopefully the placenta will move and we won't have to have any restrictions.  We go back for an ultrasound when I am 28 weeks.  That's next Friday.

     I know it is hard and I am sorry you have to go through it.  It's strange having everyone do everything for you.  I had someone here all the time just to play with my toddler.  Sad.  I hated it, so I am hoping for the best.



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    With my DS, my water broke at 30w and I had to be on hospital bed-rest.  It sucks.  some people think that you're so lucky to get a rest and have a break (I still had an 18 month old at home that my brother and sister in law had to move in to take care of since my DH worked crazy hours!).  I would have given my eye teeth even to be at home on bed rest. 

    Try and pass the time as best you can.  It's very difficult!  My roommate at the hospital (whom I became very good friends with, even now, 3 1/2 years later), and I had our DH's rent television seasons for us to watch.  That passed the time!  I also crocheted and she did Sudoko (I wasn't good at that!). 

    Good luck - I hope your little one can stay put for quite a long time.  I will pass along this perspective that I had to come up with for myself when I was on bed rest in the hospital:

    If your daughter was born already and in need of a hospital stay, you would have no problem sitting in the hospital for 10 or so weeks so that she could be healthy and fine.  That is exactly what you are doing now, only, she's inside of you instead of out.  You are doing the best thing for her and taking the best possible care of her that you possibly can!

    Good luck!

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