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breastpumps---PISA vs freestyle (XP to breastfeeding)

Anyone know anything about the differences between the PISA and freestyle?

According to the medela website, these pumps seem to have the same efficiency/speed/power---the main difference appears to be the size/fancy display on the freestyle.  I know the freestyle is more expensive. Are there other advantages to the PISA that I am not seeing? 

(I am hoping to give the baby breastmilk exclusively, but I know pumping will be a big part of that since I am going back to work full time at ~4-6 weeks, so I want to make it as easy as possible on myself and am willing to invest a bit of money to make that happen) 

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Re: breastpumps---PISA vs freestyle (XP to breastfeeding)

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    Some ppl will tell you that the PISA is more efficient/powerful, but I had no issues with my freestyle. I started using it a week or so b/f I went back to work at 7 weeks, and pumped until DS was a year. I used it rather heavily, sometimes being away from DS 30+ hrs on-call, and was always able to pump enough and it seemed to keep it's power up. The hands free function was huge for me, I could put it on while getting ready in the AM, and since I had to eat/pump/do work simultaneously at work, I was actually able to keep up with pumping.

    Definitely worth the extra cost IMO.

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    The freestyle is a much smaller motor and you can hook it to your clothes in order to have more freedom of movement.  The PISA, which I have, has a big motor and you are much more constrained in moving while using it.  Don't be fooled by the "handsfree" stuff though, any pump can be made hands free through a special bra or by just using hair/rubber bands on your nursing bras (this is what I did and worked like a charm-found directions for it on

    I think the style of the horns is different too-but you can buy the other styles, so it only matters for what comes in the box, I guess.


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