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DH has been busy all weekend doing his own stuff.  Today he had the Tour De Cure, and dd and I decided not to go since it was rainy and chilly.  But he just came home a bit ago, put up the garage door, and then bam, nap time is over after just an hour, boooo.

Have I told you guys before that I hardly ever change poopy diapers?  I don't know why, but some how, some magical way, dd doesn't poop hardly ever on my days off.  She goes 1-2 times on the days I work, but skips my days off.  It has been that way since she was about 5-6 months old, or whenever their newborn poop stops.

So dd is waking up and dh announces he is going to take a nap.  Clearly, I am annoyed.  He says "well, I will get her up from her nap and change her and bring her down before my nap."

Here's what I hear:

"Hi Ellie!  Awww you stink!  Did you poop?"


Re: hahaha

  • Haha that sounds like karma for cutting Ellie's nap short!  BTW that is pretty amazing that you get out of poop duty, I'm jealous. Maybe Ellie can teach Ava her trick :-)
  • Seriously.  When it started, I just assumed it was bc DH was giving her such big bottles of bm compared to what I was nursing.  I mean I didn't know how much she was getting while nursing, but I was pumping 4 ounces and he was doing 7 ounce bottles.  But it kept up when she was fully on to food too. 
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