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I am so thankful my kid doesn't have allergies!

A stranger at the wedding (the gf to my cousins dad, so a stranger to us) fed R frosting off of HER fork! Thank goodness I didn't have to freak out because of an allergy, the EWWWWWW factor was enough!

I was on one side of the dance floor and he was dancing, he went over by the table and I just caught her offering up her fork. Who the heck does that? Sure, Papa will give him 1/2 of his cheese and cracker or a bite of ice cream...but that is 110% different! My dad even knew better before R was 1 to ask before he did it.

But a stranger, who does not know a lick about a kid? Gross 

Re: I am so thankful my kid doesn't have allergies!

  • That is sooooooooo gross!!

    DH's grandfather gave our nephew (who is VERY allergic to basically everything: eggs, nuts, dairy, soy, wheat...) a taste of frosting at a party once...and it was like panic mode. My SIL had to wisk him away and give him a dose of benadryl and wait to see if he had a reaction. She caries around a syringe of adrenaline and everything for her twins...and has to cook EVERYTHING...it is SUCH hard life. They will be going to K this year and she is so worried - joking that she will just sit in her car in the parking lot all day!

  • That's so gross, and VERY dangerous! I can't believe she didn't check with you first. Even when I worked at Petco, we had to ask the owners before giving their DOGS a treat for cryin' out loud! People should know better.
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  • There are so many things parents have to worry about anyway - but to add something like allergies in too I can't even imagine.  We have an older boy in the nursery at church that has a severe nut allergy and they have signs outside his age group classroom that it is a nut free room and kids wash their hands before coming in and all that.  But just such a scary thing.

    And ya, that is weird and gross anyway of that lady.  My mom's cousin took the binky out of dd's mouth when she was like a month old and let her suck on her pinky.  I had to work pretty hard to only take her away and say something mild about germs when in reality I wanted to break her hand.  Yuck.  I could care less that my kid plays with rocks and dirt and sticks.  And I know she gets exposed to people's germs with our day to day activities, but something like that is so easily avoided!

  • I would have had a heart attack!  And that is gross!  What is wrong with people!?  Owen wears a bright orange bracelet with all of his allergens and he knows to tell you if you ask, but not someone just offering up something yummy like that.  UGH.  And I will probably be parked outside of preschool in September for the whole 3 hours due to Owen's allergies. 
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