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NBR... sorta vent.

ATT is literally making me want to CRY!!! I cant even begin to explain why... but long story short... I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!


ugh, just had to get that off my chest. 

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Flor Maria

Re: NBR... sorta vent.

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    I feel ya.  We've had the runaround with them as well.
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    We never had any issues with them until we decided to get uverse...We love uverse but they had to come out SEVEN times bc we were having problems finally they sent a manager because I was so livid with them on phone and we didnt pay for our service for 2 months! Get something free out of this esp if you are having service trouble!!!! Good luck!
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    We hate them at our house too...Terrible internet service and even worse customer service!!!
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