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OB Practice Groups at Pennsylvania Hospital

I will soon be TTC after a miscarriage. I had previously gone to The Birth Center in Bryn Mawr but have decided I want to be in an OB's care in case it happens again. I'm leaning toward Pennsylvania Hospital. If you went there, I'd love to hear about the doctors you saw, if you'd recommend that practice, and how you found the labor and delivery care. Thanks.

Re: OB Practice Groups at Pennsylvania Hospital

  • I go to Penn Care for Women at the Curtis Center (6th & Walnut), they deliver at Pennsylvania. I love Dr. Kolecki! I had some issues during my pregnancy and she was so supportive.

    Pennsylvania uses the laborist method for delivery so there is no guarantee that you will have a dr. from your practice when you deliver. It didn't bother me. Dr. Kolecki was the dr. on when I delivered but she wasn't in the room. She came to check on us afterwards. All of the nurses, doctors and interns were great.

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  • I also really like Penn Care for Women. I used to see Dr. Alam but she's not there anymore...Dr. Borromeo delivered my son last year, so I'm seeing her from now on. I've also seen Dr. Renbaum for a few pregnancy appts and she was really nice.

    I couldn't have been happier with Pennsylvania Hospital. I went into pre-term labor and DS was in their NICU for a month. The staff there (and on the maternity floor) are fantastic. The laborist model didn't bother me since it's really the nurses who you're with through most of your labor!

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  • Couldn't agree more... Penn Care for Women- I see Dr Renbaum there she is so sweet and helpful! Also if you find you might need the help of an RE Dr. Platia and Huppert helped us get our little miracle and they also work out of Pennslyvannia Hospital, they transitioned me seamlessly to Penn Care for women and after a loss you might find it comforting as I had ultrasounds with Dr. Huppert from 5 weeks until she transferred me to Penn Care at 9 weeks.  Overall Pennsylvannia hospital and the doctors they have on staff are amazing.

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  • If you are looking for an RE Dr. Maureen Kelly is back at PA Hospital and she is Excellent!
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  • I went with Penn Care for Women. I was determined to deliver at Pennsylvania Hospital and the initial OB I went with was horrible. She had a private practice, I called because of spotting (my first pregnancy) and they wouldn't give me the time of day and were very rude.

    So I used to look for a new OB and found Penn Care for Woman. I was assigned to Dr. Renbuam who I saw for every visit but 1 my entire pregnancy. She was so nice.

    Only complaint was wait time in the office, I would suggest getting the first appointment of the day, or first after lunch. The staff in office was nice, but calling usually lead to being on hold for a bit.

    I always made my appointments prior to leaving. I will say that if you called with any issues and left a message with the nurse practitioner they did get back to you pretty quick. 

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