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1st of all, is your ticker right? 4 days til Disney?!? Ahhh! You're going to have a blast!

I wanted to ask you- you used Portrait Innovations right? I remember you hated them but can't remember why. We had one open just down the road from me so I'm going to give it a try next week because they had some dirt cheap specials.

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  • Yes! We leave next week! I am so excited! We have been promised VIP seating for the MK fireworks! I hope R can stay up that late and not be mush!

    We don't have portrait innovations......just Portrait Simple and Clix. I don't hate either.....they are just really $$$!

  • Butting in ---  but I love Portrait Innovations.  I love that the photographers use cameras that aren't mounted to the wall so they can move around and get on the floor with the kids.  And they do have awesome specials.  If you order a certain level of package, you'll also get all the photos on CD so you can have them.  And I loved that you get them the same day.  Good luck!
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  • I took E to Portrait Innovations last month for Easter pics (they just opened one in Amherst too)

    It was okay... the girl was obviously still learning, and not that great.... so it depends on who you get, just like all portrait places. They always run a $9.95 special of some type, but it's only for one pose (and they take like, 30+ pics) then they pressure you to buy other packages w/ more poses. My girl was pretty timid, but the manager was pushy to the point of annoying trying to up-sell. My mom ended up buying a small package of 2 poses, and it was over $50... for 6 sheets of pics (3 of each pose) I thought it was $$$$... especially since they don't give you the proofs/rights... even if you get a package w/ a CD, you aren't allowed to re-print them (though, I'm sure some do!) just use it post online/email etc.

    But if you go just for the special price one package pose, it's not a bad deal!

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