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Birth Certificate

For Harris County...Do you get the birth certificate when you go to apply?  Or do they mail it to you? 


Which location did you go to? 

Re: Birth Certificate

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    I mailed in a form that they gave me at the hospital-- didn't have to go anywhere to get it.

    If u have that to mail in, just know that they don't take checks! They sent mine back even though nowhere on the form said no checks...

    Took about 3 weeks after i re-sent it in with a money order to get it.. 

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    If you go in person you get a copy then and there. Also, know that you can get it from ANY county clerk in the state.... though really tiny counties can't do it immediately, most can. I got one for ds in wichita county (wichita falls) after an airline gave me crap for flying without one and i got it while visiting family.
    - Jena
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