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Did you bring the following things to the hospital?

I know I way over packed with Eve.. I had two big bags.. plus extras like pillows and stuff.. so I am trying to keep it light(er) this time. I have the basics.. comfy clothes, socks, toiletries.. working on cameras and phones and chargers and all that.

Things I'm kinda on the fence about..

*Extra pillow. I think I DID use this with Eve.. but I'm not sure.. and not sure its a necessity.
*Towels - I don't think I brought these the last time and I may have sent DH home for one because the hospital towels were teeeeeeny tiny.. i don't remember if i really did make him get one, but I defintely thought about it.  but again.. necessary?

*Laptop.. didn't bring it last time because the hospital didn't have wifi.. they do now I think.. But I also have an internet enabled phone.. and won't really be at the hospital THAT long, but I might also be there more by myself because DH will be going home with Eve more often.

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Re: Did you bring the following things to the hospital?

  • I didn't bring a laptop, but ended up having DH bring it to me.  I was in the hospital alone a lot more this time because DH was taking care of our oldest.

    I didn't bring an extra pillow or towels either, but I can sleep on any pillow and the hospital towels ended up getting a bit "messy" so I'm glad they weren't mine.

    Bianca image.
  • I did use an extra pillow - but not a laptop or towel from home. I would have brought a laptop if the hospital had wifi though. But with both kids I wouldn't want to use a towel from home unless I just planned to throw it out before I left the hospital.
  • I didn't even pack until an hour before we left for my induction.  I didn't really wanna bring anything bc I pictured it to be a big old dirty mess.  DH made me bring a whole bunch of stuff that I never used that I won't be bringing this time.

    What I brought and used for myself:

    My own pillow (not a necessity, but I do when we go to hotels too)



    Hairbrush and shampoo/conditioner

    Toothbrush and paste

    tshirt, shorts, underwear, nursing bra for going home (I wore gowns for 99% of my time there. DH had me bring extra clothes but I never wore them)

    snacks, cut up fruit, popsicles, water bottle (I used the floor fridge and freezer and just labeled my stuff).


    What I wish I brought besides the above:

    my heartburn medicine (the hospital gave me nasty liquid hb meds)


    I bet by knocking out the crap that I didn't use last time I can get my food to take up more room than my stuff haha.

  • I think I brought an extra pillow but left it in the car, you could always do that.  I used the hospital towels- they were tiny and scratchy, but I didn't end up taking more than a few showers, so it didn't really matter. 

    We will probably not bring our laptop because it has to be plugged in all the time, and the hospital has free wifi, I'll just use my phone.

  • I had my nursing pillow with me so I used that as my pillow

    I didn't bring towels.  They are teeny tiny.  I remember taking my shower right after sophie was born.  

    I had my laptop which was nice since I was alone a lot more.  I was able to update facebook and upload pictures

  • Towels, I'd just ask for extras as soon as you have the chance.  There was actually a closet in our room with tons of extra supplies.  I think they usually stock in case the dad stays too..

    You never know if you end up with a c-section.. but if you do then could your DH bring the laptop?

    Also my DH brought my DD, but after like 15 minutes in the hospital room she was bored (she was almost 2.5).  She was just hungry and bored, so she was practically bouncing off the walls.  I didn't want DH to have to stay with her too long, so although you might think eve will stay for extended visits, it might not be the reality.. so that being said - I was soooo bored!  But, we had a travel size laptop I used.. it was worth it tho.


    Oh and I brought my nursing pillow and never used it.  Pain to drag around.

  • DH brought his laptop both times.  I'm glad we had it.  I didn't bring shampoo/body wash and I wish I did...they gave johnson's baby wash (a tiny sample  size bottle).  I didn't bring a pillow or towels and it was no big deal to me.  You really don't get much sleep and the showers aren't the greatest either so it is what it is.
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    I brought an extra pillow with a flannel pillowcase on it. It was nice and soft compared to the hospital pillows and made me feel more at home.

    No towel. Just used what they gave me. Was just happy to be clean after not showering for about 48 hours. 

    I wasn't sure if our hospital had wifi, so I didn't bother with my laptop. 

  • dle927dle927 member

    I was happy to have DH bring me the laptop after having Claire.  I didn't use it much but I was able to send pictures out from the hospital. 

    I did not bring a pillow last time but I'm bringing one this time...not a great one but one I can toss if it gets gross.  And after having it at the hospital, I'm sure I'll toss it.  I spent today volunteering for work at Niagara Falls Memorial and I felt gross when I left.  I was happy that I am delivering at Mercy after seeing it. 

  • Pillow- yes... but I can't sleep w/out my own pillow. I bring it everywhere with me!

    Towel- no, but my mom ended up bringing me one from her house once I discovered how rough and small the hospital towels were.

    Laptop- no... but we didn't have one at the time. I think I would if the hospital had wifi. I had my blackberry and was on it quite a bit to pass time. 

  • I did bring my own pillow and was glad I did.  No towel and no laptop, however DH has a tablet now, so I will definitely be brining that.
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