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XP: Too early for pacifier?

We have had a hard time getting A to sleep anywhere but in bed with us.  I broke out in hives really bad(the same thing happened when I was nursing E) and the only thing that has given me relief is Benadryll.  I am cautious about having the him sleep with us with me taking it, so I really want to get him to sleep regularly in the FP Rock and Play, right next to me.  When we try to set him down, he wakes, comfort nurses and goes back to sleep, but much faster in our bed.  Is it too soon to try a pacifier, as maybe it is just a need for sucking to soothe?  I am all about nursing to soothe, but I want to try to see if he will sleep next to me, not with me.  Thoughts?
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Re: XP: Too early for pacifier?

  • I dont think so~ Lorenzo was given the pacifier in the hospital and he's had it ever since...



  • If he is a good nurser, I would go ahead and give it to him.  I broke down and gave one to Ty at 5 days old and was so scared he would have nipple confusion, turned out he really needed the paci.  Even though we were having nursing problems, it didn't make them worse.  I have read some talk on some breastfeeding websites that nipple confusion may just be a myth, but I don't know.  Even so, they say at least 3 weeks and he is aweful close to three weeks.  So I say go for it at this point.
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  • nah, I gave one to Evan when he was about 5 days old. He continued to nurse fine (no nipple confusion or anything) and he only used a paci for a few months... I think he was done with it when he was around 6-7 months.

    you gotta do what you gotta do to get them to sleep!

  • I think he should be ok at this point and not have nipple confusion.  Have you introduced the bottle yet?  
  • Stella used one from the time she was about 5 hours old.  She never had nipple confusion and weaned herself off of it around 7 months.  Good luck!
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  • Thanks ladies!  

    E: No bottle yet...I wanted to wait until 4-5 weeks for that, but do not think that we will wait on the pacifier... :) 

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  • We gave a binky pretty early - I think about a week old.  She was using me as a binky and I needed the relief.
  • both of my kids had it from day 1 and did just fine
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