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Finally Got the Courage to tell my Boss

I was a chicken - I admit it.

I was offered this new job on a Friday and was to start on the following Monday.  At this time I was "due for Aunt Flo" but she was running a little late.  I took a HPT on Sunday as I woke up and wouldn't ya know it - BFP.

Thrilled and a little concerned at the same time I started the job and refused to consider telling my boss until I was past the 3 month probationary period.

Well - I am showing - A LOT - and he noticed it a week ago but I just acted like nothing was different.

Today I broke down and told him that I made him wait on the news till I knew all my tests and stuff were ok.  He was stunned and a little upset for a second then took it all back and apologized and made it better by saying how very happy he was for me.

Talk about panic on my part...

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Re: Finally Got the Courage to tell my Boss

  • So glad he was happy for you and everything went smoothly!

    What a relief it is huh? I held off telling mine and intended to wait longer but I told him at 10 weeks because I kept being late due to vomiting on the side of the highway!  He was being so mean about the late thing I had to tell him what was going on.  Now if I could just get up the nerve to say I am not coming back...

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    Aug 1 siggy challenge. Celebrate! My husband using me as a puppet at my daughter's 16th bday party!
  • Glad it all worked out.

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  • heatherebee - It takes a lot to get that ballsy so to speak

    You will get that way towards the end of the pregnancy though.  Especially since we tend to get very braizen towards then anyway.

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  • Wow--glad it worked out. I remember your previous posting about when to tell and such. Congrats for finding the courage to let him know. I'm sure you feel better about everything too!
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  • I had a similiar situation. I started a new job Dec 27th (day I was suppose to start AF) and on Dec 31st took a test and got the positive. I was upfront though and told my new boss right away. Since my due date was in Sept and they even pushed me back a week, she could tell that I didn't even know.

    She has been awesome, lets me make up any time for my many doctor appointments (high risk).

    Glad things went well for you!

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  • I bet you're relieved that's over with!   I have a lunch date with my boss tomorrow, and I plan to tell him.  He's generally very good with expanding families in our company, but he's been in a foul mood lately and last week I had to skip out on an urgent project because of "medical testing" which was my CVS.  So it's not the best timing, but I'll be glad when that's done too- then I'll tell some other people in the company- I wanted the boss to know first. 
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  • I flew thousands of miles for a new job.  I started on the 23rd of Feb, found out I was pregnant on the 3rd of March.  I was very quickly returned home.  So back at my old job, I get a new job stateside.  I called ahead to make contact and let them know I am pregnant.  HAHA nothing they can do now!!  They have to take me muahahahahaa!!  See you in July!!
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